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Stupid music “experts”

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I was there when Soundgarden, MLB and Chains were still playing at The Central Tavern, so it kinda irks me when I read something like this:

"…the band’s success opened the flood gates for flannel-clad, angst-ridden rockers including Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and others. ‘It was no accident that Alice in Chains, Screaming Trees and bands
like that connected in the wake of what Nirvana did,’
said Moon. ‘The
musical ideas that Nirvana was about were so powerful they couldn’t
help but spread.’

This guy actually wrote a book. Let’s see how accurate he is, shall we?

Alice in Chains: the single “We Die Young” was released in
July 1990, with the album Facelift being released a month later. In early 1991,
the music video for “Man in the Box” got added to the rotation on MTV, and album
sales soared.

Soundgarden: Ultramega OK
was released in 1988, resulting in a Grammy nomination for Best Metal
Performance in 1990. Louder Than Love was released in 1989, and arguably their
best album, Badmotorfinger, was released in October 1991.

Screaming Trees: they
released their fifth album in 1991.

Mother Love Bone: the album Apple
was released in July 1990.

Pearl Jam: the album Ten was
released in August 1991. You know you still have a vinyl copy of it in a box

Nevermind was released in
Sept 1991. Seattle was already very well-known as a music hotbed. The other bands did not “connect in the wake of what Nirvana did”
inasmuch as Nirvana rode up on their coat-tails and simply sold a ton of
copies of one album. Stupid experts…

Torture tactics

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A tactic common in the U.S. war on terror, forces are
systematically using loud music on hundreds of detainees in Iraq,
Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. The auditory assault goes on for days, then weeks, then months at the
U.S. military detention center in Iraq. Twenty hours a day. NiN. AC/DC.
Queen. Pantera.

What, no Barry Manilo? No Barbra Streisand? No John Tesh?

Sign me up!

NFL Predictions, week 15

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I guessed 13 games correctly last week, which is the best I’ve ever done in a 16-game week. But my leaderboard score dropped from 3001 to 3203, cuz a lot of people guessed 13 games correctly, and a few got 14. Drat…

Bears over Saints: I keep picking the Saints wrong, and this game could go either way. Going with home field.
Falcons over Bucs: Another tough choice, but the Bucs are playing a short week and showed how vulnerable they can be on MNF.
Redskins over Bengals: Cincy players have run out of stamps and are now using email.
Colts over Lions: Miami won their first game last year in Week 15. Detroit isn’t going to be as lucky…
Chiefs over Chargers: This is almost an upset pick, except that SD has been enormously disappointing this year.
Seahawks over Rams: Seattle put up a great effort against the Patriots, and St. Louis just seems to be rolling over.
Dolphins over 49ers: After the Niners beat the Jets, Miami knows they control their own destiny now and will not underestimate SF like everybody else has been doing lately.
Jets over Bills: I originally picked Buffalo, but now I’m thinking NY is going to come back strong after losing to SF.
Panthers over Broncos: I think this game is going to be over by half time.
Packers over Jaguars: Losing four weeks in a row? Good gawd…
Ravens over Steelers: Pittsburgh barely made it out alive against Dallas…it wasn’t even a close game until the end. Baltimore won’t make the same mistakes, and they don’t have a QB that implodes in December.
Titans over Texans: Just a hunch.
Cardinals over Vikings: Tavaris hasn’t started a game in awhile, regardless of how well he did coming off the bench last week.
Patriots over Raiders: How embarrassing if they were to lose to Oakland while in a three-way tie in their division.
Giants over Cowboys: Some think this is the game of the week. After Pittsburgh, I think Dallas is a herd of paper tigers.
Eagles over Browns: Another hunch.

Blah, blah, huh…?

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Peter King posted his predictions, and there are only three games he chose differently. One was the Atlanta/Saints game, which I said I want to pick Atlanta, and the fans give them a slight advantage as well, so I may consider switching. Of course, almost everybody thinks there won’t be an upset in NY this week…go Philly!

NFL Predictions, week 14

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Chargers over Raiders: Life sucks when you get beaten by KC…
Bears over Jaguars: Until I saw the commercial last year, I never knew it was pronounced, "jag-yu-war".
Vikings over Lions: Just a hunch…even if half the team had been suspended…
Packers over Texans: I don’t see GB losing three games in a row.
Titans over Browns: Just another hunch.
Colts over Bungles: Cincy players have more stamps to use up…
Saints over Falcons: I want to pick Atlanta, but I think NO is going to bounce back, and they’re playing at home.
Eagles over Giants: Upset game of the week.
Ravens over Redskins: WA is going to try and bounce back after last week’s game against the Giants, which is going to make this a fun game to watch.
Dolphins over Bills: Scoring only 3 points against the 49ers indicates the game two weeks ago was just an illusion…Buffalo really is sliding as usual…
Broncos over Chiefs: Yet another hunch.
Jets over 49ers: It’s a hunch-lunch…
Cardinals over Rams: Hunch-a-bunch…
Steelers over Cowboys: Beating the 49ers and Seahawks the last two weeks doesn’t prove a damn thing to me…
Patriots over Seahawks: Pulled from SNF this week in favor of Redskins/Ravens
Bucs over Panthers: Game of the week, *and* it’s on MNF. I could easily switch on this one…

Pacman is probably happy

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Mr. Jones is looking at Plaxico Burress right now, and thinking, "I’m not half as stupid as that guy." Personally, I do think he’s half as stupid as Plax…