Happy Christmas Eve!

Posted: December 24, 2004 in Uncategorized

Slept in really late today. And I’m just relaxing right now, watching the Packers tie the game with the Vikings and only three minutes left. Afterward, I gotta get my lazy ass off the couch and hit the grocery store for some Xmas Eve food and cheer…we have a little party tonight for any Christmas Eve orphans who have no place to go, or have the time just to stop by for a few minutes during their night of visiting as many people as they can. If you’re one of those people (and can prove I know who the hell you are…), shoot me mail or call, and I’ll send you a URL with house directions. It starts around 6PM, but you can stop by anytime thru the rest of the evening…up until the reindeers come home…

Lots of relaxing, but also fitting in some fun. Went with some friends yesterday to Seahawks headquarters in Kirkland, had lunch (I had lobster and salmon stew or whatever in a bread boul). Tasted pretty good. On the way out of the cafeteria we saw Chris Gray in the hallway. Our guide showed us the entire facility, explained a lot of what goes on from day to day. It was cool to see the draft day War Room. All of coach Holmgren’s office doors were closed (he has two or three offices) but got to see Ray Rhoade’s office. Grant Wistrom and Chad Brown were rehabbing downstairs, they didn’t look too interested in seeing us walk around…they even seemed a bit peeved they wasted time making eye contact with us…but it was cool to see them. Then it was out to the bubble to watch practice…boy, is that organized. They split time back and forth, with the first string offense going against the second string defense and vice-versa. Then they quickly switch to 7-on-7. Then they run a special teams play or something else…basically, everybody gets reps and rests throughout the day. Wallace was the opposing quarterback for the first string defense…he’s got the loudest bark. Hasselbeck is almost as loud, but has a sharper tone. Dilfer had a bark that wasn’t as loud, but was very…how do I say…authoritative? Didn’t see Huard out there, only three red jerseys.

Ahh, field goal at the last second give GB the game and division championship. Boring first quarter, second half of the second quarter was great, rest of the game was good. Gotta type faster and wrap this up….

Rice’s ankles were both taped pretty heavy, but he was still able to dance out there, and caught a couple. Mili had severe problems catching balls, I think I saw him drop three in a row (to be fair, two were difficult, low throws, and he’s a huge guy who probably has a hard time bending over to tie his shoes). Saw one or two catches by Robinson and saw a TON of catches by Engram and lots of runs by Alexander…I have a feeling coach is going for a short-yardage, clock-control game this week. And boy, is coach Holmgren HUGE…you don’t really notice it on TV, but standing 20 yards away, watching him tower over Alexander and most other people (except Jeremy Stevens) really gives some perspective on his size.

Anyway, happy holidays, I gotta get some chores done…


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