It’s over…well, almost…

Posted: December 25, 2004 in Uncategorized

We started out with lots of munchies (see below), and started ripping into gifts. Jeni’s big gift from me was a new Skagen watch ( that I felt was closest to her style. Turns out that her mom gave her a necklace that matches it perfectly (no, we didn’t conspire…). On the way home, she was talking about the watch, and remarking how we couldn’t find one she liked when I took her shopping for her birthday…and I said, "Yeah, but we were looking at watches that cost less than $50". So she said, "Please don’t tell me this watch cost more than $50." So I said, "OK."

That kinda stressed her out a little 🙂

My favorite belt died about a month ago. She got me a new one with a great-looking buckle. She also gave me a DVD and new house slippers (my old slippers were literally ripped at the seams).

Jeni’s mom gave me a fantastic Kenneth Cole dress shirt…dark burgundy. I got a couple of other DVDs, a Starbucks card, some dress socks…really great gifts, not a stinker in the bunch. I married into a really good family. Well, her brother showed up after the gift-giving was over (again…), but I think we had a fine time.

Now it’s just a beer, It’s a Wonderful Life on TV, and (omg, not again…) blogging. I suppose I should get started backing up files and rebuild my home machine…nah, tomorrow…

I still can’t buy anything for myself…my birthday is Jan 19th, and I’m not allowed to buy anything until the 20th. OK, so I cheat sometimes…


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