Vacation’s over…back to work

Posted: January 4, 2005 in Uncategorized

Yes, I’m being bad, and updating my blog at work. My first day back at work after two weeks off…I did some email and raid, and I’m already missing all the time off, playing around, watching football.

Speaking of football, Brian dragged me downtown for the Falcons game. We were seated in the last row of the lower level of the end zone (southwest side), which gave us a decent view and we wouldn’t be blocking anyone’s view if we stood up. It took FOREVER to find decent beer…Redhook IPA is located on the lower concourse, southeast side. It’s much easier finding decent beer at the stadium across the street…and for those who don’t know, the only place I know of at Mariner’s stadium to get African Amber is the bottom level, almost center field (leaning toward right field)

Anyway, Vick left the game way early, so we had to watch their "B" game…and the ‘hawks almost found a way to lose this game too! Cripes, you just can’t leave early at a Seahawks game, because they’re almost always decided during the last three minutes! Needless to say, it certainly wasn’t boring…

The Rose Bowl was fantastic. But what was that Texan team doing there? A couple of other bowl games that day were also great, tho’ the Fiesta Bowl was practically anti-climatic. Monday night’s game (Sugar Bowl) was slow…I watched it while I was taking down the Xmas tree. I’m really looking forward to the Orange Bowl tonight…first time two Heisman winners will duke it out for a "National Championship" (if you believe all that BCS stuff…). Lots of other stories within stories, too…I hope it doesn’t suck.

Need more coffee.


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