What a blow-out!

Posted: January 6, 2005 in Uncategorized

OK, I enjoyed watching every single thing that USC did during the first half. Then I skipped the half-time show…which, according to everything I’ve read, that Simpson kid embarrassed herself more than she did on SNL. I occassionally watched parts of the 3rd quarter, and completely tuned out the 4th quarter. That Leinart guy should get his value in the draft THIS year…after two National Championships (one shared) and a Heisman, the only direction he could possibly go in the NCAA now is down…and if he gets hurt next year cuz he stayed in college (ala Willis McGahee), his paycheck is going to be very meager compared to his current value, and his playing time might start later than he would like in the majors. So what if he has to play for the 49ers? Pry York’s money from his miserly fingers, prove himself, then go the free agency route for a shot at the Superbowl. He just needs to make sure his contract has an opt-out after four or five years. Easy-squeezy. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to pull a Manning…

Jeni got a Koala craft table today, and I helped her get it home and get it set up in the spare room. She’s been pining for one for many years…they are quite expensive but well designed and well-built (these are NOT Ikea quality, kidz…). She’s excited about it, but she’s still sick to her stomach over how much she spent (seems she can’t spend more than $100 without feeling buyer’s remorse…)

The clutch on my truck seems to be going fubar. Noticed yesterday that if I come to a complete stop with the stick in gear that it’s hard to get the stick back into the neutral area…no problem if the truck is still in motion tho’, the stick comes right out. Weird. The truck has close to 176K on it now, and is almost due for another 30/60/90…I might need to take a day this week to get the thing serviced. And I found out that my fubar car alarm has a lifetime warranty for the original install of the original owner’s vehicle for the life of the vehicle…whoo-hoo! That alarm system is just as old as the truck (15 years). Plus, it was a Magnolia Hi-Fi purchase, so I feel very confident the work will be done well (I love those guys…)


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