It snowed! And the Seahawks predictions…

Posted: January 9, 2005 in Uncategorized

Yesterday we woke up to a thin blanket up here on the hill, and the lowlands were bare by 9:30 AM. It melted up here by noon. But today we got about an inch, which also stuck to the trees this time, and continued getting snowfall at 10:30 am…and although it’s definitely melting, we still have quite a bit left now at noon. Very pretty. Not sure if it will all be melted by evening, and the weather forecast is more snow tonight and tomorrow morning…I may have to RAS into work!

A painful ending to yesterday’s Seahawks game. I’ll say one thing for this year’s team: you simply could NOT leave the stadium or turn off the TV until the very last play had been executed. Win or lose, it’s been a highly entertaining year of football. And now we have an astonishing 16 players elegible for unrestricted free agency. Although Seattle has a lot of cap space ($30M), we can’t keep them all. Some re-tooling needs to be done. Here’s my short list of predictions:

Hasselbeck: voted Offensive Player of the Month for December. He’s had a few poor games, but more great games. He usually hits his targets…the targets just can’t seem to hold on to the ball. He will get a new contract.

Alexander: you build a championship team with a strong running game. Curtis Martin was this year’s rushing champ over Shaun by ONE YARD. There is nobody better than Alexander, and he has many good years ahead of him. He’s going to get a FAT new contract. He may spend his entire career in Seattle.

Jones: still one of the best tackles in the game. I think we’re going to slap the franchise tag on him again. But next year, I have a feeling he’ll show up to camp without a contract…he’s getting too old to do his own conditioning, and he doesn’t like going 0-for-2 in the post-season two years in a row…so he’ll want to have better knowledge of the gameplan entering the next season. OK, I’ll ask somebody what’s in this pipe that I’ve been smoking…

Womack: he always plays "pretend Jones" during camp and pre-season games. He can be plugged into nearly any position on the line now. This would indicate he knows what Holmgren likes to do up front better than anybody, and that makes him valuable for mentoring starters, and filling in for injuries. But painfully, I think he’ll be let go.

Tobeck: Normally, Seattle is faithful to a good center. It’s just a gut feeling this time…I don’t think he’ll be back. We might go with a draft pick here.

Rouen: if he’s 100% healthy, he will be re-signed. If there is any doubt about his health, he will be let go…our special teams play sucked when he got injured, and if he can’t be perfect, well…

Gray: he may be let go so Seattle can pursue someone like Marco Rivera (Green Bay). This is following the whole "solid ground game" approach, plus better protection for the QB. Otherwise, he’ll be back. Hard to call this one.

Huard: why did we keep four QBs on the team? We could have used that roster spot for another defensive guy. Seneca is a solid second string QB (tho’ he’s been third for a couple of years now). Huard will continue his journeyman travels.

Mili: he’s a bit too big physically, and doesn’t usually get much yardage after the catch. Some of his games are good (like yesterday’s), but most games he’s somewhat ineffective. He just doesn’t have the speed and spin, and also sometimes suffers the "dropped ball syndrome"…we need an explosive tight end to keep the game running fast. He’s a good veteran, but not a great one…he’ll be let go.

Bannister: if he’s healthy, he will be re-signed. We have GOT to get our special teams back up and running well. Alex is one of our best.

Rice: it’s been fun watching him. Still explosive off the line, and has a few chops left (tho’ he can’t outrun pursuing cornerbacks very well any more). He’s been a positive influence (tho’ there were some "hurt feelings" when we first grabbed him…those babies), and he sez all the right things on the microphone. Plus, he’s got a prettier smile than Alexander. If he wants to play ball next year, we’ll probably get him for a song again…

Lucas: he’s had a pretty good year. He plays with passion. But he’s been burned. There needs to be some changes made to the defense this year, and because he’s a UFA, they may just bite the bullet and let him go…and then rush out to get Woodson (Raiders).

Okeafor: hard to call this one, but he’s a great veteran…I think he’ll be back.

Evans: it’s just gut…I think he’ll be let go.

Robinson: not UFA, but look for him to be somewhere else next year. He’s been too much of a problem and distraction on the team, and the "bad boys" never have flourished in Seattle like they do in Oakland or Dallas. His stats have dropped considerably since ’02, even considering his suspension plus two games the coach pulled him out. Dunno why Holmgren keeps saying he loves the kid…

If Plaxico Burress doesn’t get re-signed by the Steelers, the Seahawks will pursue him like a rabid dog. We need a speedster with good hands. But this would possibly mean parting ways with Jerry Rice…a bittersweet scenario. Still, if we can trade Robinson…that might work well.

Coach Holmgren: this doesn’t impact the salary cap, and he’s got two years remaining on his contract, but lots of people point at him for Seattle’s shortcomings (when in fact, we lost key defensive players half-way thru the season which cost us games, and Wistrom still wasn’t healthy enough for yesterday’s game). Is there anybody available out there who would make a better coach for our team? Any team? No…he will not be jettisoned.


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