My new neighbor is such a jerk

Posted: January 10, 2005 in Uncategorized

About five months ago, the wife and I bought a new house. Unbeknownced to us, our new next door neighbor had two puppies that were just then becoming "outdoor dogs". They were 8 months old at the time, a black lab and a german sheppard. Well, it turns out these dogs bark at every little noise, and they bark in a very menancing and loud way. And their backyard is less than ten feet from my bedroom window. It’s impossible for the dogs to be more than 30 yards away from our house, and they usually hang out less than ten yards away.

We soon realized we were being rudely awakened very early in the morning, at least four or five days a week…7AM, 6AM, 5AM…the final straw came after about a month of living in our new house when we were awakened at 4AM. I tried (and failed) to get back to sleep. So at 5AM I went over and got HIM out of bed. I made it abundantly clear that waking me up so rudely and so often was not cool. He didn’t even bother apologizing…said he would "try to corral them in".

Well, he didn’t. After another month or so of putting up with it, we were awakened at 5:30…ON A SATURDAY. So I go over, and it turns out his or his wife’s parents were housesitting while they were away on an extended vacation. The old lady didn’t bother apologizing either. In fact, the old folks also continued to put the dogs out before dawn to wake us up. When they woke us up again at 6AM a few days later, I went to complain again…rude b!tch literally lied and said that there was nothing she could do about it, and that if I have a problem with it, I need to wait for their kids to get home and talk to them about it. Then she completely ignored me as I started speaking again and closed the door in my face.

So after taking time off being sick in November, and the last two weeks of December, I got fed up with the constant, all-day barking. My neighber decided to wake me up at 5:30 this past weekend on Saturday morning, so I got dressed and went over again…

This time he was clearly agitated (hey, I’m the one who got rudely awakened!). As I tried to discuss the matter and ask for a resolution, he said, "They’re dogs…they bark" at least five different times. I’m telling him I want it to stop, and he said at least three times, "So what exactly do you want me to do about it?"

What a complete moron. For Christ’s sake, every responsible dog owner and courteous neighbor knows what to do about it…only idiots have to ask.

When I told him about the continous barking while they are at work or whatever, ruing my wife’s workday and my sick time or vacation time, he said he was unaware of this (I could have sworn I told him about that also at our first 5AM meeting). He finally gave me this dismissive attitude about how he’ll take care of the problem.

So what happens? He took the VERY FIRST opportunity he had to kick the dogs outside to bark all day long while they are at work…today.

Is that a deliberate act of defiance? Is he trying to send me a clear message that he’s doesn’t give a damn about whether or not his neighbors are able to enjoy their own homes?

So, I just need to print out the WA state noise ordinance law for him, and include the downloadable complaint form. I’ll use a yellow highlighter to show that barking dogs are specifically called out in the ordinance, that they cannot be a nuisance within 300 yards of another residence, and the subsequent penalties they could incur. If he balks at this as well, and doesn’t want to resolve this amicably, we’ll begin legal actions…and getting the problem repeatedly reported to the authorities is just the first step of gathering indisputable documentation against him.

/end rant


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