What a weekend…

Posted: January 17, 2005 in Uncategorized

I thought that the Colts would do something spectacular this weekend…but I never thought they would end the game with only a single field goal! Cripes, what happened to that Vunderkid Manning dude? The Steelers and their rookie QB had better be on their best game next week…

Got my Ikea office shelves mounted in my home office yesterday (YaY!). Now I can start unpacking all my other hardware, and completely finish setting up my office with both machines, KVM, etc, etc. And that will free up some space in the garage.

Earlier Sunday, I spent a few hours at my mother-in-law’s house doing computer maintainence.  Had to get all the files she still needed off her old P5/133 and transfer them to her newly rebuilt Celery 333…but the blasted file sharing wasn’t working! I don’t know what the heck happened, I couldn’t get it working again, so I had to rely on floppy transfers. Thank god it was less than 15 floppies total.

My sisters treated me to dinner Friday for my birthday (which is coming up shortly…). I was supposed to call my wife before I left work, and fully intended to do so, but I had to pee (this couldn’t wait, folks). I would just use the phone in the copy room that’s right next to the restroom and then shoot out the door…but someone distracted me on the way out, and I realized it was getting later and later. You guessed it…I didn’t remember to call her until I was already on the freeway. God, I wish I had a cell. I was supposed to meet my sisters downtown at McCormick and Schmick’s on Lake Union between 6:15 and 6:30, but at 6:30 I was still tied up in traffic. God, I wish I had a cell. So I finally get there at 6:45, but I couldn’t find them anywhere…I went to the front desk, and none of our names were on the reservation list. Did I go to the wrong M&S? Was it supposed to be the one on 4th? Were plans changed, and there’s a voicemail waiting for me at work? God, I wish I had a cell. Fortunately, I was able to borrow a phone…they were also tied up in traffic, and would arrive shortly, and said that if I had a cell, they could have told me much sooner.  So they arrive, we get drinks and wait for our seats in the bar, and I ask Elaine to borrow her cell to call my wife. She gets sarcastic, "You don’t know how to use one of these, I’ll dial it for you." Then she decided to talk first. From what she was saying, I was certain she didn’t actually hit Send, because my wife doesn’t like those kind of jokes…but she HAD called. My wife took it SERIOUSLY. Naturally, she’s pissed at ME. God, I wish I had a cell.

So on Saturday I did lots of investigation about different phones, different free-after-rebate deals (or make money after rebate deals), and read a ton of spec sheets and customer reviews at phonescoop.com (what a great forum for cells). One thing I found: there are always people who hate the phone, while others love it. No phone is perfect. But I tried seeing thru the smokescreens and stuff, and settled on an LG vx-6100 with the Verizon 400 plan + 40 pics per month. A $200 phone that’s free after rebate was much better than a $79 phone that was free after rebate. Slept on it, then ordered it Sunday night. Now I just need to think of a way to break it to my wife that I bought a cell…

And honey, if you’re reading this…I finally broke down and bought a cell. I’m about to turn 41, and I think I’m old enough now that I can be responsible for having one. I’ve lost count of the number of times over the last six months that a cell would have been a blessing to have. I will feed it and walk it and bathe it and hug it and squeeze it, and I will call him George…


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