Decided on a different tact with my neighbor…

Posted: January 29, 2005 in Uncategorized

Well, it turns out that my neighbor continued to put his dogs outside every single weekday since my last rant about him (see below) to bark the days away.  Then the other morning, his dogs woke up my wife at 3AM (lucky for him I slept thru it, or I would have just called the Sheriff and filed a noise complaint then and there).  Anyway, it’s obvious he doesn’t give a damn, and doesn’t care about our legal right to enjoy our home without such disturbance.

So instead of getting the legal schtuff downloaded from the ‘net and confronting him one last time, I decided not to give him another chance.  I called animal control and gave them the story (tho’ waaaayyy toned down in agitation from what you dear readers saw below). They’re going to send him a letter stating that he’s disturbing his neighbors with daily, excessive noise…and also stating that if it continues, he will be fined.

Will that wake the SOB up?  Will he suddenly become a courteous neighbor and responsible dog owner?  Probably not…after the dealings I’ve had with him already, I have a feeling he is of the teenage mentality, that he feels he can do whatever he wants, and to hell with anybody else.  Heck, you should see his yard!  The yard makes it appear as if he simply dropped in his house and took off the tires!  The only thing missing is a primer-painted ’72 Camaro on blocks!  There isn’t a single yard in our neighborhood that looks even HALF as bad as his yard, and his back yard (which is a lovely view from our bedroom window, btw) is FIVE TIMES worse than the front!…he has as much pride in ownership as he has courtesy for his neighbors.  Should be fun next week after he gets his letter…

Anyway, Pats and the Iggles in the Big Dance.  Some people are saying that the patchwork secondary of the Patriots is good enough to win, while others are saying it’s no contest…the Eagles are gonna get creamed.  And since their "patchwork D" completely shut down this year’s most prolific offense in the NFL (one of the best in history), I would have to say it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to easily beat the Eagles.  However, many people forget that not only did the Patriots lose two games during the regular season, but numerous wins were decided during the final minutes…not many blow-outs at all.  The Eagles certainly have a shot if they can figure out how to get to Brady, force them into an air game, and find the weaknesses in their defense.  Hopefully, this will be a nail-biter to the end…I hate blow-out Superbowls.

And don’t give me that "T.O. will make the difference!"  The Eagles made it thru the playoffs without him, and while he is an imposing force and has gotten the Pats to practice with the anticipation that he will play, they may not need him as much as many people think.  C’mon, McNabb took the Eagles to consecutive Championship games four years in a row…three without T.O.  McNabb is the guy the Pats need to concentrate on…



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