Technology sucks sometimes

Posted: January 31, 2005 in Uncategorized

I resisted getting a cell for my entire adult life, and I’m dangerously close to the proverbial "mid-life crisis" age. I felt I never really needed one, but if you read what happened a couple of weeks ago (below), you can understand why I finally succumbed and joined the wireless world so many others have used in order to forsake talking to the people who are standing right in front of them. Or to join the people who believe it’s more important to talk than to stay in their own lane and/or do the correct speed limit. I still say I won’t take my eyes off the road to dial, and I still haven’t gabbed while my foot is on the accelerator (even tho’ I have an ear-plug/mic setup).

So this shiny, well-reviewed LG VX-6100 lasted all of about 10 hours on stand-by today…just one week after I first got it. Yes, it charged for 24 hours before I powered it up, thank you. And the blasted thing was telling me all day in my building (which is shielded) that it was searching for a provider…previously, it would latch on to the "extended network", but not today. So when I finally need to make a call…it died due to lack of power. And the car charger that came with it ISN’T COMPATIBLE. Damn provider gave me the wrong one.

And the new 5.8G cordless phone I just got a couple of weeks ago keeps fading in and out with the volume…I can barely hear people sometimes, and I’m sitting just 2 feet from the base unit. I had to keep asking the technician at Verizon to repeat himself to solve my OTHER phone problem.

Then I need to use the ‘net when I get home, but I kept getting "network cable has been disconnected" every two to three minutes (I have an SMC wireless router, but my main machine is hardwaired to it). This has never happened on my config before, and I’ve had this config for well over a year. A reboot finally solved that problem, but still…sometimes technology really sucks.


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