Jeez, what a long day…

Posted: February 9, 2005 in Uncategorized

I started by doing email from home for a little while, then came into work and was running at 150 MPH all day. One issue I was dealing with, I finally had to reduce the explanation to baby steps before the key people who needed to know what was going on understood the problem…I re-read the email thread a couple of times, and scratched my head, "Where did we fail on the explanation earlier?"  Four meetings today, a ton of bugs investigated/verified fixed/resolved/etc, and I even had to skip the Rabble (but I ran up and grabbed a beer while they were cleaning up afterward…yay!).

Our next-door neighbor hasn’t let his dogs go blow out the door barking before 7:15 AM for over a week now (a milestone!), but he obviously thinks this is enough…he still splits for work by 8AM and leaves the dogs outside to bark all day long while he’s gone. Looks like the next part of my nefarious plan to quell his irresponsibility will have to be engaged (no, I’m not giving any hints…but it’s going to be irrefutable evidence, to be sure).

Superbowl Sunday was spent with a few fun friends and a 10-foot screen. Dan and his wife brought some awesome chili (they said it was SUPPOSED to be "beans"…but that’s how great dishes are made, right?). The Burt Reynolds commercial was my favorite. Then I was surprised that the Eagles didn’t go with the no-huddle offense late in the game! But I read the other day that between plays, McNabb was throwing up just a little bit in his mouth…he was apparently pretty sick. Too bad the illness caused him to throw up a little bit with the ball, too.

Ordered a couple of new fans for the MCE box I’m building, they should be in today. The stock HSF that comes with my Intel processor will be replaced by an Artic Cooling Super Silent 4 TC, which has a dB not to exceed 21 (as low as 9 dB!). The videocard fan will be replaced by a Thermaltake Crystal Orb. Both fans are well-reviewed, both are extremely inexpensive, both are very quiet…I’m excited to get my MCE box to as little noise as possible (the PSU fan is barely audible). Did a lot of research before deciding on these…really, the only way to get quieter would be to go to liquid cooling (which starts at $150…OUCH!). Great place for these parts: Bought there before, really fast service, will buy there again.

Bright spot of my day: a couple of ladies I work with complimented me on how nice my hair looked.


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