This was funny…

Posted: March 1, 2005 in Uncategorized

That idiot college football player, Maurice Clarett, who decided last year to sue the NFL cuz they wouldn’t let him play JUST BECAUSE HE HADN’T PAID HIS DUES (and he lost, btw) totally blew it at this year’s NFL combine. He finally got his "residency", so to speak, and he tanks. So the Trash Talk at had this to say…

"A famous name is all he’ll have. He’ll be football’s answer to Kato Kaelin. Ten years from now, he’ll be greeting guests at a Las Vegas casino."

C’mon, guys…Kato at least got a ton of air-time and a spot on a reality TV show. And Maurice won’t get any higher on the ladder than a WA state Indian casino…

…stop playing with us.


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