It’s ALIVE!!!

Posted: March 7, 2005 in Uncategorized

It turns out that the reason my MCE shell was locking up was a hardware incompatibility problem. As soon as I got home, I dropped in the nVidia 5200 card I mentioned below, and now the MCE shell no longer locks up when I want to play a DVD or watch live TV.  WOO-HOO! Oh, yeah…as expected, the box is much quieter without a GPU fan, too. Plus, I now have a more powerful GPU and twice the VRAM, so gimme some GAMES on the 32" screen! An excellent $25 spent on a used card.

Note to all you DYI dudes/dudettes who want to build your own MCE box: don’t think that the L&G video drivers alone will do the job. The older GPU cards just simply cannot do MCE. Check the minimum hardware requirements, and then if your budget is modest, hope your best guess will work. Hint: anything older than a year might not work. Skip the GeForce3 cards completely.

What about ATI? Don’t ask me, I swore off ATI back in ’98. I wouldn’t let my dog SIT on an ATI videocard…


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