Ken Lucas is gone now…

Posted: March 7, 2005 in Uncategorized

And he didn’t waste any time signing with Carolina, either. I figured we would bite the bullet with him, as I stated previously, and he got a pretty good payday out of it. Good for him! But now the ‘hawks are considering Surtain (Miami) to replace him? I dunno, Surtain ain’t gonna come cheap…but my previous prediction that they would look at Woodson was WAY off, but only because later on Oakland was stupid enough to franchise him. No way would we give up two first-round draft picks and pay a king’s ransom for a corner approaching retirement age! Now, if he were UFA, a one-year tender deal wouldn’t have been out of the question, but no possibility of that now. Hell, I don’t think ANY team is gonna go after Woodson…what the hell was Oakland smoking?

Looks like Robinson is being kept, and even tho’ we’ve released Rice, we apparently ain’t running after Plaxico Burress. I didn’t anticipate losing Dilfer to the Browns, but I previously said Seneca Wallace is a solid second-string QB…and now it’s all but definite that he is now. And Dilfer gets to be a starting QB in Cincy, so good for both of them!

So you’re probably asking by now, "How come Slugbait almost never blogs about work?" Well, besides the fact that’s it’s boring, it could get me fired: I remember one of the first highly-publicized firings due to blogging, which was an orange badge who had taken a picture of a bunch of Macs on the receiving dock at Microsoft a couple of years ago…he joked about MS switching to Macs, or something. Of course, he was an idiot because MS has long published more titles for the Mac than any other software company, and you sure as hell can’t develop those apps on a Windows PC. Still, it wasn’t as bad as the people in the above link…

Well, the MCE box isn’t coming along too well. The replacement fan I got for the video card is WAY too loud, primarily because I don’t have a fan header for it, so it’s constantly running at full speed! So I pulled it and dropped a standard fan built for my card, and it’s quieter, but still the loudest fan in the box. So today I picked up an nVidia 5200 (bare card) for $25, and this thing doesn’t have a fan…just a heatsink. Plus, the CPU fan I got seems to be VERY quiet in comparison to the stock HSF from Intel, so hopefully this is all I need to get a really quiet MCE box.  Unfortunately, the shell seems to still be in Alpha: anytime I click "Play DVD" or "Watch Live TV", the shell locks up solid! Can’t do a damn thing, so I have to stay OUT of the MCE shell to watch DVDs, but the primary use for this box was a TIVO-like experience, so I’m less than pleased right now. Crap, this is the third version of MCE, too…you’d figure it would be mature by now. Plus, the official Microsoft-branded remote control I bought from Newegg died after only a week of use…it cost me $6.50 to send it back for a replacement (I can’t get a refund, only replacement).


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