EWWW! Got it on video…

Posted: March 13, 2005 in Uncategorized

Jackie and Karl, the previous owners of our house (and very good, old friends, btw), came over for dinner last night, and we started talking about the a-hole neighbors next door (yes, they long pained with them, too). Then came the shocker I hadn’t heard before: my wife mentioned how she had recently seen the neighbor with a shovel, cleaning up the enormous amount of dog poo in his backyard…and tossing it along the edge of the fence that borders with the neighbors who live behind us (hmmm…could this be one reason those neighbor’s house is for sale right now?). So I’m thinking I need to get this guy on film next time he does this.

Today I go outside to do some weeding along the fence of my backyard when I saw him thru the fence carrying a shovel. Ah-HAH! I ran inside and grabbed my Nikon 995, went up to the master bedroom, and started taking pictures. This time I was in for a rude surprise: he was dumping it all along the fence adjacent to MY backyard this time. Ooooh, was I pissed…I need to weed just a foot or two away from a huge pile of excrement at some point! So I grabbed my ancient C-VHS palmcorder and caught him in action.

And he spent like 45 minutes cleaning it up…after I was finished with my short film, Jeni and I had lunch on the back porch, and he was STILL shoveling poo when I cleared the dishes. Now I understand why he rigged a doggie pen around the stairs to his hot tub…it wasn’t for new puppies, it wasn’t to keep the dogs off the top and destroying it (like they did last year)…it was to keep the dogs from relieving themselves in the small area where these jerks walk barefoot to the tub (darn it…)


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