Huskies WIN!

Posted: March 17, 2005 in Uncategorized

They’re in the Big Dance, and somehow got one of the #1 seeds. I had the game on today during work (I know, BAD Slugbait, BAD!) and was quite astonished how quickly they went up on points. They started to falter later, and Montana put on an impressive come-back attempt, but those first nine minutes decided the outcome. Other Sweet Sixteen teams will pay very close attention to those games tapes. Of course, my wife is happy (she’s a Dawg, I’m a Coug), but I can’t help rooting for them. Gonzaga, too…that school has never really been known for much outside of basketball, but considering they’re an "east-side" team, I hope they also continue winning.

The Seahawks seem to have quieted down…no real big off-season deals lately, other than signing the Ram’s Brice Fisher to the defensive squad. Reunited with Grant Wistrom, they are now the "bookends" on the line. Of course, this also means I was wrong AGAIN with my predictions, considering Fisher will be taking the place of Okeafor. And we didn’t persue Plaxico Burress at all (plus, heTOTALLY screwed up a good thing in New York, and may not even have a team by camp!), "Pork Chop" has been signed up, and Bannister is still shopping around. So by now, you’re all probably wondering what the HELL do I know about football, right? But I was right about Heath Evans, so I’ll take some solice…

Bought a used monitor the other day, a Sony 400PS 19" for $65. It’s old, but it looks great…slightly better than my somewhat-newer ViewSonic GS790 19" (yes, I’m running dual monitors). The 15" LCD that I used to have as my secondary monitor went into my wife’s workroom, replacing a monster-sized Nokia 447L 17" monitor (circa 1994). She’s happy, cuz it makes her workroom look less cluttered, and she has more physical desktop space. Eventually, I’ll get a large LCD (or two) for my main system, but I’m waiting for prices to come down more.

Also got Doom 3 for $15 today. But I need to finish playing Halo first. Besides, my old Ti4200 isn’t powerful enough to turn on all the eye-candy in Doom 3 and keep up respectable framerates…but I’ll play it anyway 🙂


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