A wacko other than Jacko?

Posted: March 23, 2005 in Uncategorized

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jackson is a bit "off the wall", so to speak. But the latest prosecution witness in his child molestation case seems to be spinning on a dime. First she testifies that the kid’s family is very sincere, and the mom is really scared of the Jackson camp after the documentary aired, and that they were being held against their will. Then today she sez that it was the FATHER of that po’ cancer kid that tried to wrangle money from Jacko, not the mom.

So, what happens when the defense gets to ask questions? Oh yeah, that’s right…she originally described the family of same po’ cancer victim to police as totally bipolar and that they were very excitable. Yes, she even goes on to tell the police that this family can be as wacky as they want to be. Was she describing the Jackson clan? Noooo, dear reader…she was describing the people she was testifying for!!!

Her excuse for the sudden change of description toward these people, you ask? Well, she said she was PROBABLY exaggerating and engaging in "hyperbole" that is her "stock and trade as a comedian".

Ms. Palanker, I just have one word of advice: if you want to make a name for yourself as a comedian, TELL FUNNY JOKES, BIATCH. You’re a friggin’ moron to be making a name for yourself trying to take down another entertainer, much less a former superstar.

I think she’s just pissed cuz she was stupid enough to give those lame-asses 10 grand out of the goodness of her heart…



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