Posted: April 5, 2005 in Uncategorized

Lou Pinella went public with his distaste that Mariners owners refused to trade for bats late in a couple of different seasons that could have gotten the team to The World Series. Even in a season with 116 wins, the purse-strings got pulled tight, and the Mariners became the "could-have-beens." He finally got fed up and left. It was a dark day in Seattle.

Is it any wonder that last year the Mariners couldn’t beat most college teams?

So this year, the owners finally pull their legs apart and go after some heavy hitters that commanded big paychecks…BEFORE the regular season started. And what happens? Sexson hits TWO homers on his FIRST two at-bats on opening day (driving in five runs), and on the second game, our other big payday winner, Beltre, sends two men home in the first inning off of last year’s Cy Young winner.

Finally, baseball is back in Seattle. Only this time, we’re STARTING with the players we wanted before trade deadlines. And we’re starting well. Barring injuries, this should be a great season, maybe…crap, I just can’t jinx the whole thing by saying it…


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