15th Anniversary!

Posted: April 13, 2005 in Uncategorized

Actually, the 15th of our first date. The wife and I went to The Melting Pot in Bellevue for dinner, and neither of us had been there before. Very nice atmosphere, good background music, stylish interior. The menu is three pages of food and over seven pages of wine and alcohol (I sh!t you not…). The surprise for me was that all the food was served raw…we cook. It’s a fondue restaurant, so there is a "stove top" on each table (not the kind of table or restaurant for people who like to play "Quarters").


We got a "fondue for two", and went with the Pacific Rim plate. It started with a cheese fondue (we went with Wisconsin Trio) that included a plate of different chopped breads, veggies and Granny Smith apple chunks for dipping (yum). The chef’s salad was next, it tasted as good as the presentation. For the Pacific Rim, we did the Coq au Vin cooking style, and fortunately I was wearing a watch that has a second hand. We leisurely cooked each piece of meat instead of dropping it all into the pot at the same time, so each bite was fresh and hot.

Then we we went home and cuddled a little on the couch (I can hear your collective sigh). She got up and left once I started updating my blog…


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