Star Wars was loved by critics?

Posted: April 14, 2005 in Uncategorized

There’s some guy who fancies himself "a film critic" who takes George Lucas to task that movie critics liked the original trilogy, despite Lucas’ assertion that they didn’t.

And rightly so…but this critic, John Hartl, got it all wrong in his explanation and delivery.

Yes, the original series (not the so-called "Special Editions") won over audiences, and many critics liked or even loved them. The original Star Wars convinced the Academy to create a new category (Best Special Effects). And while the Ewoks turned off a lot of people, the final chapter was still superior to the ensuing trilogy (sans EP3) we’ve suffered to date.

Hartl points out a critic that said in reference to EP6, "Every time there’s a possibility of a dramatic climax, a chance to engage the audience emotionally with something awesome, [the director] trashes it". Hartl makes it sound as if Lucas directed EP6…which we all know, Lucas did not. Of course, Hartl also points out how bad the scripting has been throughout both trilogies.

Hartl essentially trashes EP1 and EP2. But he ignores the most-vital part of what made the original trilogy so loved, despite the same corny scripting, and why the currently trilogy is so critically panned…

The cast.

C’mon, think about it. As bad as a written line can be, Sir Alec Guinness could deliver it in such a way that he could sell toilet paper to butt-less mynock. Then there’s Peter Cushing, and his delivery and sheer presence made him a far more menacing villian than even Vader himself. Carrie Fisher came from quite the showbiz lineage, and she successfully portrayed her character as a b!tch on wheels. We also have a budding superstar-in-training Harrison Ford acting as every parent’s worst nightmare of a son. And then there’s James Earl Jones: when he speaks, YOU LISTEN.

With the current trilogy, you’ve got some kid who was actually worse than Edward Furlong in T2 (Haley Joel Osment could have saved that EP1 movie). Then you’ve got Hayden Christensen, who obviously graduated summa cum laude from the William Shatner School of Over-Acting. Liam Neeson: could you tell the difference between him and a piece of corrugated cardboard? Even if it was painted? And whaddabout Leia’s mom…Natalie Portman was so "politically correct" and cold in her delivery, you’d think she was a-sexual. Introducing Jar-Jar is just a foot-note in comparison.

You can have good scripts and bad scripts, but one thing for a successful movie is usually constant: it’s the people, stupid.

  1. D'andre says:

    i agree with you. Likeable cast in the original trilogy. there were some stinkers in terms of dialogue, but it can be overlooked if they delivered their lines well. this new trilogy is just bad. which makes me really sad. another reason i dont like the new trilogy so much is because the main characters dont have enough motivation. why is palpatine trying to for an empire? is it because he is evil? is it because he believes there is a different way the galaxy should operate? and why does anakin turn to the dark side? i find if there are any explanations given, they seem forced just because they HAVE to be there. hopefully, the last film will work on these things, but i have my doubts….

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