One-Man Star Wars Trilogy

Posted: May 21, 2005 in Uncategorized

The wife and I went to see Charles Ross’ One-Man Star Wars Trilogy last night at The Moore Theater. Great seats: fifth row. It was absolutely hilarious. He condensed all three of the originals into about a one-hour monologue, and made fun of many of the most memorable lines and scenes by every character, taking clear advantage of the piss-poor dialog Lucas churned out for the last 27 years, and occassionally adding his own dialog for more laughs. He had Jabba’s lines perfect! The one thing I had hoped he would make fun of was the travesty of Greedo firing first in the SE (maybe he couldn’t think of anything funny, or what he did come up with bombed in previous performances…who knows). One of the best laughs was at the end of EP6, when Luke takes off Vader’s helmet as he’s dying: he has that dramatic pause as son looks upon his father and then says "I thought you were black".

Afterward we went down the street to Alexandria’s for dinner. Certainly not a cheap place for dinner, and reasonably good Southern-style entrees. A jazz trio was loading in when we arrived, and their gear was crowding the entryway, so we weren’t sure where to go to be seated, and we just stood there inside the door for about 20 seconds. I finally spotted the hostess podium behind all the music gear, and we walked over. The hostess only made momentary eye contact with me, she seemed to make a slight sneer, and looked right back at her seating chart. I said, "Hi, with all this gear being loaded in, I wasn’t sure where to go". She again gave me a momentary look with a slight sneer and looked down again. So I followed, "…to be seated…?" This time, the eye-contact had a look of fear in her eyes, as if she were thinking to herself "Is this a customer???" So I said with a big smile, "You thought we were with the band?" Total flush-face of embarrassment. I love doing that.

But I’ll admit, sometimes it seems I get faster, friendlier service if I’m still wearing my badge. For example, last year I pocketed my badge and walked around the Infinity lot looking at cars for about a half-hour, and not a single salesperson asked me if I needed help. Many of them looked at me, there were a couple inside without anyone they were helping, but they all appeared to be trying very hard to pretend I wasn’t there. Went to the BMW dealership with my badge visible, and I didn’t make it 20 yards out of my truck before a salesman pounced. Maybe it’s the hair…nah.


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