Party-party on the seven-o

Posted: May 27, 2005 in Uncategorized

So, did I have fun? What did I do?

Playing pool with Blake (no, I did not let him win…VPs are fair game, he got me good). Doing "the bump" with my GA (never been so bold to do that with any other GA, not even Nancy). Swing dancing with KerryC, who had no idea how…she was reluctantly dragged to the floor. Head-banging with C.J. on an Aerosmith tune. Trying/failing to get K* on the floor. Trying at first to sound like Don Henley with my cold, and ended up sounding like James Hetfield singing an Eagles tune (why was everybody so quiet while I was up there? Oh yeah…the other acts I had to follow…). Several African Ambers (why does anyone make beer that tastes so good?). Doing some back-up vocals for BrianA on The Joker (he only did maybe five or six songs tonight). Giving Adam a hard time cuz Kerry blew him off the stage on their duet. Getting up front while Blake worked the skins…and he’s a damn fine drummer.

Overall, a very fun evening.


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