Does this guy know what MJ did?

Posted: June 13, 2005 in Uncategorized

It’s a half-hour before MJ’s verdict is to be read, so stories are all fast-n-furious at and other news sites. Numerous pictures, one of which has me doing a double-take: an anti-MJ protester wearing a sandwich board that reads, "WARNING TO ALL: Drunkards, Idolators, Fornicators, Atheist (editor’s note: yes, it’s singular, not plural), General Heathen, Sodomites, Witches, Liars, Abortionist (editor’s note: yes, again in the singular), Adulters, Satanis (editor’s note: roles off, can’t say if it’s singular…my guess is that it is) HELL AWAITS YOU."

What’s missing here…hmmm. Oh, yes…pedophile. Is he anti-MJ, or is he against all of MJ’s fans? You be the judge. Hope he didn’t pay too much for that sign…


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