Top 10 submissions

Posted: June 19, 2005 in Uncategorized

I sometimes send submissions to Letterman’s weekly Top 10 contest. I’ve won a T-shirt and mousepad so far. They seem to only do mousepads now, but I’m hoping that if I win again I could get a coffee mug or baseball cap. Here’s a few submissions I’ve made this week, tune in next week to find out if one of them was selected…

Top Ten Signs You’re Not One of the Most Powerful Celebrities

  • No other celebrity has pressured you to wear that stupid red string
  • The hotel concierge fearlessly hands you a telephone
  • You can’t even get acquitted of jaywalking
  • Your "diva list of demands" isn’t even considered unless it’s submitted on a single Post-It note
  • Your own trailer? No, but your own pup-tent is over yonder…
  • Paris kicks you off your own show
  • Telling the maitre’d you’re a Yankee gets you a table next to the kitchen door
  • You’re not even within SEVEN degrees of Kevin Bacon

Lazy Sunday, watching NASCAR. I tuned into the Formula 1 race for a few minutes, just to hear what they were saying about 14 of the drivers quitting the race after the warm-up lap…that was rather bizarre. I should be outside doing more yard work, instead of typing a stupid blog entry…


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