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Let’s get political!

Posted: July 29, 2005 in Uncategorized
I usually try to avoid politics on my blog. But I have to applaud a couple of things that happened today in the world of politics.
First, republican Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist broke away from Pres. Bush and religious zealots to back federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. One way to think about why this is a good thing is that abortion is legal, it has been legal for a very long time, American voters won’t let Junior make it illegal, so why waste the opportunity to greatly advance science and medicine to benefit and/or save the lives of literally millions of people in the US alone? Even Nancy applauds Frist’s move. For God’s sake, Junior’s daddy will have to come down with Parkinsons, cancer AND Alzhiemer’s before he endorses stem cell research…and think about it, it only took one assassination attempt on dear ol’ dad for him to decide to forget about Osama and go after Saddam instead. The man seriously has his priorities out of whack.
Second, the Senate has voted overwhelmingly to protect gun makers from lawsuits for damages related to gun crimes…such as killing somebody, essentially (duh). Think about it this way: if a manufacturer could be held liable for a death expressly caused by an individual, Lizzy Borden’s sister could sue the ax manufacturer for wrongful death of her dad and step-mother. Some people would argue that this isn’t a fair comparison, since guns were designed to kill and an ax was designed to chop wood…but that hominid in 2001: A Space Odyssey didn’t use a gun to kill, the little sucker used a femur. You can use so many things to kill somebody if you wanted to, be it your kitchen knife, a shovel, your Mercedes, a really bad false rumor, etc. Can you imagine if somebody punches someone else, and that person dies? "Your honor, because this person killed my brother with a single punch, I would like to sue the one who designed and built that hand for this killer…God herself." Yeah, that would go over like a lead balloon. Everybody knows that guns don’t kill people, morons and a$$holes kill people, this has nothing to do with supporting the NRA.

OMG, Frances Bean is TWELVE?

Posted: July 26, 2005 in Uncategorized
Christ, now I feel really old. Kurt’s kid is 12 years old. I just realized this while reading another rant by Courtney at msnbc. To me, it was like yesterday that kid was still in diapers. That whacked-out biatch is accusing Grohl of taking Frances’ money. Jeezus, when is she gonna realize that the reason she told a judge she is totally broke is NOT because of Dave, but because of herself? She has absolutely no concept of responsibility, much less the value of money, and has squandered literally millions of dollars…it’s well documented, and especially obvious in the continuous court appearances she makes. Even if Dave’s new band goes totally bust, and he loses any residuals from Nirvana, and he ends up penniless and rooming with Mike Starr, he has one thing he can say about himself that Courtney can never say about herself…
He’s a musician.
As it was twelve years ago, it is today. I fear for Frances…from her mom.
Nuff said.
Rumor has it the Seahawks are considering Keith Gilbertson as an offensive consultant. WTF? This is the guy who led the UW Huskies to a fabulous 1-10 record last year. His previous year wasn’t all that spectacular, either. And he was a Seahawk coach awhile back, during the embarrassing Dennis Erickson years. The only real success this guy has had was 30 years ago as a graduate assistant at the U-Dub…but c’mon, he was reporting to the Dawgfather, there was no way he could be allowed to screw up back then.
Seahawks camp opens next week, and our star runningback doesn’t have a contract and hasn’t signed the one-year deal he was offered, so Alexander might just skip camp this year. Apparently they’re talking, but with all the other great runningbacks to choose from in free agency and this year’s draft, his value took a pretty big hit. Hey, when nobody is interested in a trade for a yearly solid performer who missed the rushing title by one stinking yard in his best season yet, that kinda tells you that all runningbacks are a bit over-valued. Still, he’s not perfect…he still blocks like a sissy, and still likes to dance instead of plowing forward, but he does occassionally make those big plays and stays relatively healthy.
Koren Robinson decided to plead guilty to DUI a couple of days ago. And he still doesn’t have a team to play for. You kinda have to feel sorry for the guy, but he brought all this on himself…if he hadn’t dropped so many balls and kept getting himself into trouble, he’d still be playing. Heck, most people accept the problems if a star receiver makes the plays, but oh well.
Drew Rosenhaus, the agent who convinces all of his football player clients to hold out for more money, saved some kid’s life a couple of days ago by administering CPR when the kid apparently drowned. Confidential sources claim he signed the kid as a client on the spot, and immediately sent the Grim Reaper a fax stating his client wouldn’t be reporting to the afterlife as scheduled until he gets a new contract with a longer life-span.
Rumor has it the Seahawks are considering Keith Gilbertson as an offensive consultant.

My schweet new nVidia card

Posted: July 8, 2005 in Uncategorized
Back on March 13, I went on about how tech was slowing down, and that I was still using a machine of which the central core was built over three years ago. I also said that a few months from then I might buy a faster videocard, but otherwise didn’t want to do a complete upgrade with today’s tech…something is going to happen in the next year or so (I dunno exactly what, but I have a pretty good idea), and I don’t want to be stuck with a new system that can’t be upgraded.
Well, I got that videocard a few weeks ago, the last AGP I will probably ever own. Thanks to somebody at FatWallet, I jumped on a deal from Newegg for a vanilla 6800 for $170 shipped…and got in before they ran out of stock (the average price for a 6800 was about $230). Here’s where the old tech I decided to stick with for now REALLY helped me out…
The vanilla 6800 AGP utilizes the same GPU as the GT and Ultra cards…the NV40. nVidia simply disables four of the pipes and one of the vertex shaders on the vanilla 6800, plus clocking down the core and memory speeds, that’s all. Using a tool called RivaTuner, I was able to unlock those disabled features, and for all intents and purposes, I now have what is almost the equivilent of a $300 6800GT videocard. If I had done a complete system replacement (which would have had PCI-E), I would have ended up with a card that could not be unlocked…this is because the PCI-E version of the vanilla 6800 uses the NV41 GPU, which doesn’t have disabled features that can be unlocked…because those features aren’t built into it in the first place. So I basically saved $130 on the card, while still getting much of the performance I desired that would have required a $1000+ system replacement. Booyah!
The water in HL2 is just how the reviewers described…absolutely gorgeous. I loaded up UT2K4, went into the settings and started cranking every single option to its maximum setting…when the last one was set, a game character voice suddenly exclaimed thru my sound system, "Holy SH!T". I giggled uncontrollably…and then found the game was liquid smooooooth. I still get my proverbial azz kicked in online deathmatches, but I die very pretty deaths.
Maybe a year or two from now I’ll dump that old mobo and proc, and this schweet videocard as well…but I’ve staved off the total upgrade cycle for now, and can plod happily along for another year, waiting to see what’s behind door number three before I take my next system plunge, which will likely be my first Longhorn machine.

World’s Ugliest Dog

Posted: July 1, 2005 in Uncategorized
And a three-time champion, too. Sick-looking bugger, ain’t he?