Gilbertson’s back? What are they smoking?

Posted: July 21, 2005 in Uncategorized
Rumor has it the Seahawks are considering Keith Gilbertson as an offensive consultant. WTF? This is the guy who led the UW Huskies to a fabulous 1-10 record last year. His previous year wasn’t all that spectacular, either. And he was a Seahawk coach awhile back, during the embarrassing Dennis Erickson years. The only real success this guy has had was 30 years ago as a graduate assistant at the U-Dub…but c’mon, he was reporting to the Dawgfather, there was no way he could be allowed to screw up back then.
Seahawks camp opens next week, and our star runningback doesn’t have a contract and hasn’t signed the one-year deal he was offered, so Alexander might just skip camp this year. Apparently they’re talking, but with all the other great runningbacks to choose from in free agency and this year’s draft, his value took a pretty big hit. Hey, when nobody is interested in a trade for a yearly solid performer who missed the rushing title by one stinking yard in his best season yet, that kinda tells you that all runningbacks are a bit over-valued. Still, he’s not perfect…he still blocks like a sissy, and still likes to dance instead of plowing forward, but he does occassionally make those big plays and stays relatively healthy.
Koren Robinson decided to plead guilty to DUI a couple of days ago. And he still doesn’t have a team to play for. You kinda have to feel sorry for the guy, but he brought all this on himself…if he hadn’t dropped so many balls and kept getting himself into trouble, he’d still be playing. Heck, most people accept the problems if a star receiver makes the plays, but oh well.
Drew Rosenhaus, the agent who convinces all of his football player clients to hold out for more money, saved some kid’s life a couple of days ago by administering CPR when the kid apparently drowned. Confidential sources claim he signed the kid as a client on the spot, and immediately sent the Grim Reaper a fax stating his client wouldn’t be reporting to the afterlife as scheduled until he gets a new contract with a longer life-span.

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