OMG, Frances Bean is TWELVE?

Posted: July 26, 2005 in Uncategorized
Christ, now I feel really old. Kurt’s kid is 12 years old. I just realized this while reading another rant by Courtney at msnbc. To me, it was like yesterday that kid was still in diapers. That whacked-out biatch is accusing Grohl of taking Frances’ money. Jeezus, when is she gonna realize that the reason she told a judge she is totally broke is NOT because of Dave, but because of herself? She has absolutely no concept of responsibility, much less the value of money, and has squandered literally millions of dollars…it’s well documented, and especially obvious in the continuous court appearances she makes. Even if Dave’s new band goes totally bust, and he loses any residuals from Nirvana, and he ends up penniless and rooming with Mike Starr, he has one thing he can say about himself that Courtney can never say about herself…
He’s a musician.
As it was twelve years ago, it is today. I fear for Frances…from her mom.
Nuff said.

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