Let’s get political!

Posted: July 29, 2005 in Uncategorized
I usually try to avoid politics on my blog. But I have to applaud a couple of things that happened today in the world of politics.
First, republican Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist broke away from Pres. Bush and religious zealots to back federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. One way to think about why this is a good thing is that abortion is legal, it has been legal for a very long time, American voters won’t let Junior make it illegal, so why waste the opportunity to greatly advance science and medicine to benefit and/or save the lives of literally millions of people in the US alone? Even Nancy applauds Frist’s move. For God’s sake, Junior’s daddy will have to come down with Parkinsons, cancer AND Alzhiemer’s before he endorses stem cell research…and think about it, it only took one assassination attempt on dear ol’ dad for him to decide to forget about Osama and go after Saddam instead. The man seriously has his priorities out of whack.
Second, the Senate has voted overwhelmingly to protect gun makers from lawsuits for damages related to gun crimes…such as killing somebody, essentially (duh). Think about it this way: if a manufacturer could be held liable for a death expressly caused by an individual, Lizzy Borden’s sister could sue the ax manufacturer for wrongful death of her dad and step-mother. Some people would argue that this isn’t a fair comparison, since guns were designed to kill and an ax was designed to chop wood…but that hominid in 2001: A Space Odyssey didn’t use a gun to kill, the little sucker used a femur. You can use so many things to kill somebody if you wanted to, be it your kitchen knife, a shovel, your Mercedes, a really bad false rumor, etc. Can you imagine if somebody punches someone else, and that person dies? "Your honor, because this person killed my brother with a single punch, I would like to sue the one who designed and built that hand for this killer…God herself." Yeah, that would go over like a lead balloon. Everybody knows that guns don’t kill people, morons and a$$holes kill people, this has nothing to do with supporting the NRA.

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