We’re EVEN!

Posted: August 2, 2005 in Uncategorized
Eleven years ago, my girlfriend wanted to buy a house, primarily because paying rent was financially wasteful. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get a loan approval that was enough for even a small condo. We’d been dating for three years, and I figured I was going to marry her anyway (she didn’t know that at the time), so I offered to join in and pool our meager resources together, which resulted in a whopping $125K loan that we could afford to sign our lives away for. We got very lucky with the house we ended up buying, cuz everything else we looked at in our price range sucked.
Ten years later, we rushed into buying a new house…OK, so the real story is that I pushed her into buying a new house on the East Side asap, she really didn’t want to get a new place or move away from the "big city". She absolutely hates change. And this time we got extremely lucky, since it was my wife’s best friend selling her house to us for less than list, no escalation clause needed due to other offers, nice neighborhood, we already knew the condition of the house inside and out, etc. Probably the most painless house purchase anyone has ever made.
But still, my wife took a long time to get used to living in our new home. However, prices for (the dwindling) available homes in our neighborhood have recently exploded…houses similar to ours are now selling for $75K more than what we paid just a year ago. So she sez we’re even now: she pushed to get into a house 11 years ago that ended up as an excellent investment, then I pushed to get into a new house that also turned out to be an excellent investment.
Well, it’s actually better than that: she recently got a tech job just down the street, less than 10 minutes away, so she will never experience the daily 40-60 minute 520 shuffle that I suffered thru for 14 years. Of course, my commute time and gas consumption was cut by more than half. We have a sky when we look up from our back yard now, a much larger master bedroom with more closet space, a fantastic master bathroom, and other huge positives over our first house. And now that we live on the East Side, we’re just minutes away from most of the people we like to hang out with…no more leaving early just cuz we have a long drive home ahead of us.
Yeah, our second house was a nice investment…but not just for the financial part of it.

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