Whoa…this ain’t no Prescott

Posted: August 15, 2005 in Uncategorized
My wife’s cousin kindly offered to send me a 3.06G Northwood CPU to replace my old 1.6A that’s been running overclocked at 2.4G for almost four years. The 3.06 is the fastest proc my mobo can take, and like I said awhile back, I don’t want to do a complete system upgrade yet…so this would be a very nice incremental upgrade. He also offered to send me a 3G Prescott processor as well, otherwise that CPU would just end up in the trash anyway, so I said, "Great! I’ll take it!" This way I could also upgrade the CPU in my MCE machine as well.
The procs arrived Saturday, and I figured since the Prescotts run hotter than Northwoods I would put the Prescott in my main machine, and the Northwood in my MCE machine (my main machine has additional cooling for the CPU). But once I dropped it in, the automatic speed detection by the BIOS had set the speed to 1.06G. WTF? So I figured I would have to manually set the CPU speed, but my machine wouldn’t even post if I set it to 2.6G. Did I get a bum CPU? So I downloaded a nifty freeware utility called CPU-Z that gives you info on all the core system components, such as mobo, BIOS version, RAM timings, and everything you ever wanted to know about your processor.
I was shocked…CPU-Z told me I have a Gallatin processor, NOT a Prescott. For those unfamiliar, the Gallatin core is only used for the Extreme Edition processor. The uber proc. The ultimate gamer’s proc. The proc that most people would love to have, but it’s waaaaaay too expensive.
OK, so I broke down and bought a new mobo and memory for this puppy…benchmarks by the end of the week.

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