Yup…it must be Monday

Posted: August 22, 2005 in Uncategorized

I open my front door this morning, and find a small, brown paper bag of dogshit on my doorstep. How sweet. At least the a-hole had the courtesy not to light it. Something like this usually means someone doesn’t like you very much, but we have a good relationship with everyone in our neighborhood except the jerks with the dogs next door…and we just ignore them, we don’t do anything to piss them off (tho’ they deserve it), so the wife and I tried to rationalize it. We figure it is most likely:

  • Just a stupid prank by some bored teenagers
  • Someone who thinks we own the dogs next door, and those dogs shit on their lawn (yes, the dogs escape on a semi-regular basis, and we’ve chased them down once or twice cuz the neighbors weren’t home, so it’s understandable someone would assume they are ours)
  • One of our neighbors called in a noise complaint about the dogs next door, and those jerks think it was us again and are trying to send us a message (tho’ considering they have three dogs, you’d think they would completely fill the bag to send a real message)
  • We have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, and somebody is jealous

Well, the new mobo for my Gallatin proc didn’t work out. And I spent so much of my weekend ripping out computer parts and whatnot. The board was missing two fan headers, but newegg wasn’t willing to do a refund for that (even tho’ it’s not as advertised), so I set about installing it. Turns out it won’t run my 3.0G proc any faster than 2.4G…I tried everything, but Intel is infamous for locking their multiplier. So again, not as advertised, since this mobo is supposed to support the EE procs, which start at 3G. I got the RMA from newegg, and now I’m going for the tried-and-true Asus brand, and selected the P4P800-E Deluxe…which has more features, like Firewire, it’s a retail box as opposed to the Intel OEM, and actually costs a few bucks less. Intel mobos: never again.


Finally watched Batman Returns yesterday, I’ve had the unopened laserdisc for at least five years. Now I know why Keaton didn’t sign on to do the remaining sequels…that movie stunk. Michelle Pfeiffer had the only decent comedy lines, but once she transformed into Catwoman, it was all downhill from there. Christopher Walken didn’t play himself this time, which was a bummer. The plot was so over the top, it landed with a splat on the other side. Ehhh…it was something to have on while ripping apart computers.


Monday Night Football! Seahawks and the Cowboys! Yes, I was invited! OK, so it’s just pre-season, but we get to see the guys who are pressing to make the teams, so they’re gonna play hard, especially for a nationally-televised game that every other team is gonna see and potentially sign guys we cut from the roster. My friend sez he has incredible seats, but I’ve been to a couple of other games…I doubt he has seats 11 rows up directly on the 50 yard line 😉 but considering there isn’t a bad seat in the house, I ain’t one to complain. And they serve decent beer, so I’m tickled fvcking pink. Hopefully the ‘hawks don’t tank at 17 points up with 8 minutes left again, which is what happened the last time we played the Cowboys on MNF (yes, I was there, what a fantastic game). And as I had hoped and blogged about earlier, it looks like Seneca Wallace is our official #2 at QB. He had a great game last week, looking forward to seeing him live tonight!


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