Is it just me, or…

Posted: August 30, 2005 in Uncategorized
…did our summer party kinda suck this year? At least in comparison to last year. Earth Wind and Fire didn’t play, and I didn’t see anybody get faced. In fact, I saw a lot of people go back to work. The food was pretty awful…the chicken was too dry and the corn on the cob was too mushy. No after-party party, of course…people just went home or back to their offices. And it was a bit too hot. Stark contrast from last year’s extravaganza.

My aunt and uncle from Denver were in town this past weekend, got to visit with them for awhile early Saturday. Then we went to a community bar-b-q in Snoqualmie, and for a paltry contribution of $5, that food blew away what we got at the summer party. That evening, we visited with my wife’s aunt, who ALSO was from Denver. Long day…
Sunday was spent building my main machine…the cabling job is impeccable (this took the most time), you can hardly see any cables thru the side window. But my new EE proc was idling at 54C while running underclocked at 2.6G, which is considered way too high of a temperature. Didn’t know what the heck was going on, the Intel stock HSF came with a thin layer of thermal paste, and I cranked the external fan to max…which only brought the temp down to 52C and it was extremely loud. So Keith offered an extra Zalman 7000a HSF he had lying around to see if that would help…this thing is one heavy-ass mofo, made of copper all around, and looks gorgeous compared to the Intel stock HSF. It does a much better job of cooling than a stock HSF, no doubt, but I’m pretty certain the key difference was the thermal paste that was included. I used rubbing alchohol to remove the paste from the CPU that was pre-applied on the stock HSF, spread the new thermal paste, installed the Zalman (which was quite simple, and uninstalling this will be super-easy compared to the stock HSF), booted the machine, and SHAZAAM…my temp at 2.6G dropped all the way down to 29C!! I then increased the multiplier to 15, and with no overclocking (yet), my proc was finally running at the expected 3G!! And the temp only rose to 30C! Then I overclocked this puppy to 3.3G, and the temp only climbed to 31C at idle! And not only is the Zalman fan almost silent, I was also able to turn the speed of my external intake fan all the way down so it was almost silent as well, and saw no further increase in CPU temp. The only real noise now is my external exhaust fan, so I’ll likely replace that with another Thermaltake like I have for my intake.
I ran Sisoft Sandra 05, and compared to a Prescott 3.8G, my EE running at 3.3G beats it solid. Compared to a Northwood 3.2G, my EE blows it away. I ran 3DMark05, and scored almost 3800 (my nVidia 6800 has the additional four pipes unlocked, but it’s not yet overclocked). So far the machine looks stable…can’t wait to start gaming on this thing.

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