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I //HATE\\ Denver

Posted: September 26, 2005 in Uncategorized
The Broncos were suck in the old days…they’d stomp the ‘hawks in the playoffs, then totally tank in the Superbowl, um, what…THREE TIMES???? They were such a disappointment, tho’ they redeemed themselves years later. Then Elway retired, the Seahawks were moved to a different division, and I thought that was the end of it. Right? NOT ANY MORE.
After MNF tonight, I have an all-new hatred of the Denver Broncos. What could possibly make me hate them so much all over again? Read on…
Broncos ahead of KC, 30 to 3, with less than 2:30 to play in the final quarter. KC apparently scores a touchdown, but they would still need to score another 19 points (assuming a two-point conversion on their only touchdown) just to take the game into overtime.
Hello…get three touchdowns in 2:17? Has it EVER been done, much less during the final two minutes of a game? NO?? Are your serious? You mean that on their next possession, the Broncos couldn’t get at least one first down, take a knee a couple of times to run out the clock and end the game? What’s a coach to do in such a desperate situation?
Here’s what a desperate coach does: he challenges the touchdown…even tho’ he would still be up by 19 or 20 points with two minutes to go.
The Broncos are total fvcking assholes. They could have given KC just a smidgeon of dignity in their blow-out loss on MNF, but no…they have to negate a totally meaningless touchdown that posed absolutely no threat to the Bronco win column.
I hate them all over again. Even more than before. I hope the second meeting later this year, KC totally beats the living shit out of the Broncos. Not just win, take them out at the knees. Destroy their play-off dreams. Humiliate them beyond their own humiliation.
A fierce rivalry has just been turned into a take-no-prisoners war. I’m going to love every Bronco defeat for the rest of my life, regardless who beats them, regardless what it means to the Seahawks play-off match-ups.

Too busy to blog

Posted: September 25, 2005 in Uncategorized
Things are starting to get back to normal around the house, and the wife and I are both back to putting in our required 110% efforts at work. Of course, "back to normal" basically means taking care of improvements around here. My MIL came by today and worked her fanny off in the jungle just in front of our house, and cleared out enough foliage to fill both the King County-supplied yard waste can, plus another 32 gal. can. The small area in front of the living room window was very busy…it had a lot of thought in planting by the previous owner, and there were a lot of great plants, but it had overgrown…so many plants were pulled, and lots of cutting back was done, so it looks sparse in comparison to before, but also looks so very neat and tidy. I spend quite a few hours a week taking care of the yard, but mostly in mowing, weeding, edging, etc…it’s so nice to have somebody else come in and really rip away at this yard. Someone is getting a really nice night out for dinner soon…
The wife and I worked this weekend on getting the kitchen cabs painted. Silly me, I pulled almost ALL the cabinet doors before she got home and informed me we were just doing the one section, and I only need to pull off eight doors (d’oh). So everybody sees our lousy dishes and what kind of crap we ingest. Spent hours today taping the section to be sanded/primered/painted. She did the sanding and painting (I always seem to suck at that part), but my taping job was too excellent to allow a screw up and paint the un-intentioned, so we make a pretty good team.
Game night was tonight! It’s actually great to get a bunch of people together, lots of food, some beer/wine/wicked-good whiskey and play board games. C’mon, Xbox is just too detached and intense to compared to a game of Pictionary or Scattegories or whatever…once the buzz starts kicking in, the banter becomes more fun than the game itself….but then, that’s what the board games were originally designed to do (sans alcohol, perhaps…). With so many hours logged into Quake/UT/HL type games, this is a real fun gaming escape. Interaction with people can’t be beat…which when you think about it, Rocket Arena was one of those things that was supposed to be something like that, but it really isn’t at all (I can hear Quakers shunning me aloud as I type…).
Been trying to get my MCE machine to do the whole hands-off, scheduled maintenance thing, but defrag never seemed to work…I saw many websites like the highly regarded LangaList saying I need to create a batch file and schedule that to do a defrag, just like many other websites advised…but the scheduled defrags were still running 12 hours after starting on a machine that had been manually defragged already! Those defrags should have finished within a few minutes!  Maybe it’s cuz SP2 does certain things different, who knows. It took awhile, but I think this totally different solution did the trick. And it was a bit more simplistic, too.
Didja ever want to write something, vent about what’s really bothering you, but fully aware that you can’t cuz of the people who would read your blog? I have, just about every day lately. Anonymity seems to work for some people…

Anniversary gone haywire

Posted: September 14, 2005 in Uncategorized
So it’s our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday, and the wife works late. I stop at the store on the way home and get a couple of salmon-stuffed sole and potatoes. I think I’ve got it all figured out, and will have it ready by the time she gets home…but after 15 minutes of baking, I realize the potatoes will take over an hour in the oven, so they need to be nuked. The stuffed sole took WAY longer than the directions indicated, but by that time I had already steamed the broccilli. Mis-judged the potatoes a second time…everything ended up as "a course". Fish still wasn’t all that great. But we watched Fever Pitch, a romatic comedy that happens to be about the Boston Red Sox, so the night ended pretty well.
My MCE machine blue-screened the other night while recording Battlestar Galactica (and also watching at the same time). Weird. Good thing it happened during a commercial, so I was able to boot and continue watching without missing much, but still…I had recently rebooted, the machine is totally clean, so why did it fault like that? Plus, I created a .bat file for doing scheduled reboots, but after "successfully" scheduling, I get a final dialog on Finish that sez the scheduler refused to accept my scheduling…Access Denied cuz the account information could not be set. Maybe the .bat file needs to be in the system32 folder, not sure…but all instructions I’ve read has said it doesn’t matter when the file is located.
[edit] Figured out the MCE scheduling thang…I needed a password (had none, since I wanted immediate boot into MCE, especially for cases where the system blue-screened). But a password defeated the purpose, cuz I would have to enter the password in order for MCE to load and do scheduled ANYTHING, including recording as well as reboot or defrag. So a quick google found this KB article, and sure enough, everything is fine now…system reboots automatically, and then logs on automatically, ready to record or do anything else I want to schedule! YaY!

Random stuff

Posted: September 12, 2005 in Uncategorized
The wife has been laid up for over a week now, and today was spent scrubbing our three bathrooms…tho’ I’m not completely done yet. Also tried to fit in watching some football, doing dishes, making meals, going to the store, using NetMeeting to help my MIL do her email attachments, and watching the 9/11 film on Flight 93. Busy day…
Seahawks lost, which wasn’t too much of a surprise, even tho’ it’s the first September loss in three years. The surprises: Green Bay lost big. Miami won huge. Frisco won…um, the 49ers won??? Any Given Sunday is what they call this this kind of thing…
Watched Million Dollar Baby last night, and was wondering during the first hour why it got the most prestigious of the top 4 Academy Awards, but understood as it was wrapping up. Great film? Maybe, but I thought it was just "very, very good".
Finally got the timing issues with my HyperX RAM figured out. It’s running 2-2-3-5, and at only 2.65 voltage, too (YaY!). After suffering random lockups just using IE, or memory exceptions playing HL2 for only 10 minutes, at 3.35G speed, I finally accepted the fact that my EE proc can only be O/C’d by 300MHz…it’s been stable 27/7 for three days now at 3.3G, so cooling is NOT a factor, it’s just the chip itself. Oh well, it’s still more powerful than your average 3.8G. But I finally got around to overclocking the videocard: stock speed is 325/700, I overclocked to 368/785, and get this…I’m just shy of 4500 in 3DMark05! That’s a helluva score increase compared to 3800 before overclocking. Apparently I found the "sweet spot" between CPU speed, RAM timings and videocard clock times…W00T!!
Dan Weldon is a monster. I hadn’t followed IRL much before Danica came along, but she has made it exciting…mostly cuz the other drivers are some of the elite the IRL has ever seen, and as a rookie, Patrick’s holding her own exxxxtremely well. And the top 10 finishers always seem to be the same. Weldon is becoming a legend. IRL can’t replace NASCAR, simply because the US loves muscle cars, but these rockets are something to behold at times…they can take air like a hydroplane! But obviously, there are a few drivers who don’t like Danica, and they are starting to bitch openly lately about her and her driving…which is weird, she always takes such a high road herself when describing races and other drivers. I think their manhood is being challenged…hey, if it were NASCAR, they wouldn’t have a woman to bitch about! They probably drink yellow beer…

More Top10 submissions

Posted: September 10, 2005 in Uncategorized
Can’t seem to win a third time at Letterman’s Top10 contest, tho’ I can’t help myself from entering. Here’s this week’s topic and my submissions…
Top Ten Things You Don’t Want To Hear On Your First Day of School
  • Give me the iPod NOW
  • That backpack looks suspicious
  • Well, you know, the metal detectors can’t catch everything
  • Ceremonial wedgies for underclassmen have been replaced by…oh, we shouldn’t spoil your surprise
  • Michael Jackson would like to be your tutor
  • Your locker isn’t available yet, it has to be decontaminated
  • "Where are the girls"? Dude, this is an all-boys school.
  • You don’t drink, don’t smoke…what DO you do?
  • Your previous school called…the vice principal would like to speak with you
  • Only 100 shopping days ’til Christmas!
  • The library has been stocked up with brand new Kabbalah books!
  • You don’t have a laptop? LOSER!

Saw Hotel Rwanda this evening, what a film. Makes ya realize how comfortable we have it here in the States.

You actually get to "know" all of the characters, and how their lives intertwine is amazing. The line gets blurred between good and bad, and you end up rooting for both. There is every level of racism, violence and death, love and hate, vengeance and redemption. You’ll get pissed at parts, you’ll cry at parts…a true feel-good movie.

Getting pissed with TV

Posted: September 4, 2005 in Uncategorized
It all started about 10 or 12 years ago. Some of the networks started placing a station identification logo in the bottom-right corner of the screen. I remember the first one TBS did…it was a bright yellow, it wasn’t translucent/opaque, and it took up about 15% of the real-estate! I actually wrote them a letter thanking them for totally ruining my movie watching experience because I couldn’t see the action, and every single sub-title was obscured.
Well, they got soon a newer one, I think it was about a month after I bitched. But now every station does it. Some still worse than others: I just tried watching a widescreen presentation of EP6 on CBUT, but their logo was still large enough to successfully obscured all of Jabba’s lines!
Lately they’ve done us one worse: on-air advertisement banners that ONLY occur during the show, obscure at least 20% of the screen, and is accompanied by sound-destroying audio events! It’s worse than the fucking internet!
And when I’m channel flipping, I have little idea which channel I’ve just surfed to if there is a commercial playing. You would think they would want us channel flippers to know this same info no matter what so that we might be enticed to stay on their network, but noooOOOooo. They can’t ruin the commercials, only the actual programming.
Is it any wonder I have over 300 movies in my lazer/DVD collection, and watch only a couple of network programs on a regular basis?
/end rant