Can’t O/C by much

Posted: September 3, 2005 in Uncategorized
I suppose I was spoiled. For almost four years my old 1.6G processor was overclocked by 800MHz and perfectly stable with zero artifacting in games. Heck, I probably could have taken it a little higher, but most other people reported problems when they did that, so I didn’t even bother trying.
Anyway, trying to O/C my new Gallatin 3G by just 600MHz caused a checksum error on boot. I backed it down to 3.58G, and was stunned that my idle temp was still just 31C. I thought I could crank it to unbelievable heights as long as it was kept cool, but no, I’d have to settle for 3.58. Then my dreams were dashed when I started benchmarking with Sisoft Sandra and Doom3…Sandra would freeze on the short CPU test, so I backed down again to 3.55. I hit 109 FPS in Doom, but there was quite a bit of artifacting, and it didn’t completely disappear until I had backed all the way down to 3.3G. However, my framerate barely suffered, it was around 97 to 98. And Sandra indicates that my CPU ranks alongside the 3.8 procs.
In addition, my Kingston HyperX PC3200 default timings were running a slow 2.5-3-3-8, and stock is supposed to be 2-3-2-6. But even with the voltage bumped up, the best timings I could achieve was 2-3-3-6…otherwise, the system would fail to boot, telling me overclocking failed. WTF? I’m only trying to run the rated timings! In the future, I’m going to have to do more research on RAM, cuz this stuff was reviewed very highly last year, but it appears the Samsung chips on the newer modules are crappy. But Sandra05 sez this RAM is severely beating other PC3200 in its database, and it seems stable.
Still, I’ve got some decent bragging rights with this machine. Next I’m gonna overclock the videocard. And I’ll try again to get the CPU bumped up a little more, now that my RAM timings are adjusted better…the timings might make the difference to get another 100MHz from the CPU without artifacting (I hope…)

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