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Posted: September 12, 2005 in Uncategorized
The wife has been laid up for over a week now, and today was spent scrubbing our three bathrooms…tho’ I’m not completely done yet. Also tried to fit in watching some football, doing dishes, making meals, going to the store, using NetMeeting to help my MIL do her email attachments, and watching the 9/11 film on Flight 93. Busy day…
Seahawks lost, which wasn’t too much of a surprise, even tho’ it’s the first September loss in three years. The surprises: Green Bay lost big. Miami won huge. Frisco won…um, the 49ers won??? Any Given Sunday is what they call this this kind of thing…
Watched Million Dollar Baby last night, and was wondering during the first hour why it got the most prestigious of the top 4 Academy Awards, but understood as it was wrapping up. Great film? Maybe, but I thought it was just "very, very good".
Finally got the timing issues with my HyperX RAM figured out. It’s running 2-2-3-5, and at only 2.65 voltage, too (YaY!). After suffering random lockups just using IE, or memory exceptions playing HL2 for only 10 minutes, at 3.35G speed, I finally accepted the fact that my EE proc can only be O/C’d by 300MHz…it’s been stable 27/7 for three days now at 3.3G, so cooling is NOT a factor, it’s just the chip itself. Oh well, it’s still more powerful than your average 3.8G. But I finally got around to overclocking the videocard: stock speed is 325/700, I overclocked to 368/785, and get this…I’m just shy of 4500 in 3DMark05! That’s a helluva score increase compared to 3800 before overclocking. Apparently I found the "sweet spot" between CPU speed, RAM timings and videocard clock times…W00T!!
Dan Weldon is a monster. I hadn’t followed IRL much before Danica came along, but she has made it exciting…mostly cuz the other drivers are some of the elite the IRL has ever seen, and as a rookie, Patrick’s holding her own exxxxtremely well. And the top 10 finishers always seem to be the same. Weldon is becoming a legend. IRL can’t replace NASCAR, simply because the US loves muscle cars, but these rockets are something to behold at times…they can take air like a hydroplane! But obviously, there are a few drivers who don’t like Danica, and they are starting to bitch openly lately about her and her driving…which is weird, she always takes such a high road herself when describing races and other drivers. I think their manhood is being challenged…hey, if it were NASCAR, they wouldn’t have a woman to bitch about! They probably drink yellow beer…

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