Anniversary gone haywire

Posted: September 14, 2005 in Uncategorized
So it’s our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday, and the wife works late. I stop at the store on the way home and get a couple of salmon-stuffed sole and potatoes. I think I’ve got it all figured out, and will have it ready by the time she gets home…but after 15 minutes of baking, I realize the potatoes will take over an hour in the oven, so they need to be nuked. The stuffed sole took WAY longer than the directions indicated, but by that time I had already steamed the broccilli. Mis-judged the potatoes a second time…everything ended up as "a course". Fish still wasn’t all that great. But we watched Fever Pitch, a romatic comedy that happens to be about the Boston Red Sox, so the night ended pretty well.
My MCE machine blue-screened the other night while recording Battlestar Galactica (and also watching at the same time). Weird. Good thing it happened during a commercial, so I was able to boot and continue watching without missing much, but still…I had recently rebooted, the machine is totally clean, so why did it fault like that? Plus, I created a .bat file for doing scheduled reboots, but after "successfully" scheduling, I get a final dialog on Finish that sez the scheduler refused to accept my scheduling…Access Denied cuz the account information could not be set. Maybe the .bat file needs to be in the system32 folder, not sure…but all instructions I’ve read has said it doesn’t matter when the file is located.
[edit] Figured out the MCE scheduling thang…I needed a password (had none, since I wanted immediate boot into MCE, especially for cases where the system blue-screened). But a password defeated the purpose, cuz I would have to enter the password in order for MCE to load and do scheduled ANYTHING, including recording as well as reboot or defrag. So a quick google found this KB article, and sure enough, everything is fine now…system reboots automatically, and then logs on automatically, ready to record or do anything else I want to schedule! YaY!

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