I //HATE\\ Denver

Posted: September 26, 2005 in Uncategorized
The Broncos were suck in the old days…they’d stomp the ‘hawks in the playoffs, then totally tank in the Superbowl, um, what…THREE TIMES???? They were such a disappointment, tho’ they redeemed themselves years later. Then Elway retired, the Seahawks were moved to a different division, and I thought that was the end of it. Right? NOT ANY MORE.
After MNF tonight, I have an all-new hatred of the Denver Broncos. What could possibly make me hate them so much all over again? Read on…
Broncos ahead of KC, 30 to 3, with less than 2:30 to play in the final quarter. KC apparently scores a touchdown, but they would still need to score another 19 points (assuming a two-point conversion on their only touchdown) just to take the game into overtime.
Hello…get three touchdowns in 2:17? Has it EVER been done, much less during the final two minutes of a game? NO?? Are your serious? You mean that on their next possession, the Broncos couldn’t get at least one first down, take a knee a couple of times to run out the clock and end the game? What’s a coach to do in such a desperate situation?
Here’s what a desperate coach does: he challenges the touchdown…even tho’ he would still be up by 19 or 20 points with two minutes to go.
The Broncos are total fvcking assholes. They could have given KC just a smidgeon of dignity in their blow-out loss on MNF, but no…they have to negate a totally meaningless touchdown that posed absolutely no threat to the Bronco win column.
I hate them all over again. Even more than before. I hope the second meeting later this year, KC totally beats the living shit out of the Broncos. Not just win, take them out at the knees. Destroy their play-off dreams. Humiliate them beyond their own humiliation.
A fierce rivalry has just been turned into a take-no-prisoners war. I’m going to love every Bronco defeat for the rest of my life, regardless who beats them, regardless what it means to the Seahawks play-off match-ups.

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