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What’s up with TV?

Posted: October 29, 2005 in Uncategorized
I’m watching Star Trek: Enterprise on UPN. According to, it’s supposed to run from 6PM to 7PM. Stargate: Atlantis is also on from 6-7 on channel 13. Plenty of other channels also showing 6-7 programming.
But my phone, my desktop atomic clock, all my clocks throughout the house and Windows sez it’s 7:30PM right now. What the hell is going on? Is anything I’m going to record tonight on my MCE machine going to get missed?
Cougs absolutely got trounced today. Embarrassed. Wiped out. Totally nuked. It’s probably not them, it’s probably because the BCS computers put the best team in the NCAA at #2 this week. The Trojans can’t beat the shit out of a computer, so they obviously took out their frustrations on WSU instead. Ah, well…
Lt. Sulu of Star Trek is gay. I always considered him the "Bruce Lee" character of the series, and figured he was the one person who could beat Captain Kirk and his "double-fisted arm-swing blow". I don’t care about his sexual orientation, but I must admit a childhood sub-conscious suspicion. Star Trek purists will probably rail me cuz I don’t refer to him as "Capt Sulu", but I still have a hard time referring to Scotty as "captain" too, so cut me a little slack.
The new president of Iran stands by his statement that Israel should be wiped from the map. And he dismisses criticism by almost every other UN country that sez he’s a maniac for saying something as obvious as genocide. Bets are on how long his country is still a UN member. Heck, considering his personal past with the US and the hostages, bets are on how long he continues breathing.
Dumb bitch buys winning 1 million dollar lottery ticket with credit card she stole from her dead mother, film at 11.
Microsoft is publicly threatening to abandon South Korea as a consumer market for Windows. Somebody told me he heard SteveB mumble, "fuck ’em".
It will be the greatest day in Palouse history if WSU beats USC on Saturday. Bigger than any Apple Cup. The game is prime television tomorrow. Will the Cougars win? They have a really good team this year, but probably not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die-hard coug, but I’m gonna watch just out of morbid curiosity…and of course a good reason for having a lunchtime beer. But hey, there’s always a statistical chance the Trojans may fail! (que parents fainting).
‘hawks on a bye week. Get 100% healthy guys, come back ready to kick some. Prayers on yer ass, Hammer.
My trusty (and expensive) Enermax power supply is working again, and all it took was replacing the fuse. It was an 8A 250V, which couldn’t be found at your average 7-11, but I finally got one at VetCo Surplus. Just $2 saved me a $65 PSU, YaY!
The freak previously known as Michael Jackson might be making Bahrain his permanent home and selling Neverland. If Peter Pan had ever grown up…and died…he’d be rolling in his grave right now. Wonder why he doesn’t want to hang around our country anymore…? BTW, li’l sis Janet claims she ain’t the momma of some 18-year-old secret child, but we don’t care cuz there are videos circulating around the ‘net of her running around neked. Forget her age, YUM!
Our ghost has been suspiciously quiet lately. She obviously doesn’t like the fact that I blog about her.
My mom had surgery for a hernia this morning. Turned out to be worse than they thought, and required more work. I talked to her about an hour or two after she came up, and she said there was no pain medication ready for her…and that they told her somebody in her family needed to go to the pharmacy to get her pain killers! She told me she was literally crying in pain, and being ignored. OK, she might be woozy from the anesthetics, and not thinking clearly, I understand that, so I called the hospital in Texas and VERY politely started inquiring what the **** was going on. I was sweet as sugar, and didn’t use any asterisks. My mom calls me around midnight her time and asks me if I called somebody at the hospital, cuz those mofos were suddenly falling all over each other trying to please her and make her comfortable! And just an hour earlier, she couldn’t get a single person to pay attention to her! Yay, I’m her favorite child again…
Wife just asked, "whatcha doing?" OK, been detached too long, other non-interesting comments I was going to make are not as important or interesting enough to keep me from hugging my wife and getting off this keyboard. G’nite.

Are ‘hawks for real?

Posted: October 23, 2005 in Uncategorized
There were a few spectacular sideline catches, but otherwise the Seahawks offense just couldn’t do anything all day. Parcells knew the key was to stop Alexander, which the Cowboys did with awesome effectiveness. Hasselbeck gets called for intentional grounding at least twice, and most of his throws were just awful. But unlike previous seasons, the defense absolutely refused to give up…whether it was holding the line, sacking or rushing Bledsoe over and over, etc, the defense was the sole reason we stayed in the game, and won the game. We got lucky on a long pass interference call during our only touchdown drive, but the Cowboys started with excellent field position to finish up the last minute of the game… Babineux turns around just in time to see a ball heading straight for him, catches it like a receiver, bolts down the line, gets us within field goal range and very smartly steps out of bounds with five seconds left so our kicking team can go for a 50-yard attempt. The guys were all celebrating as if they had won a playoff game.
The last two minutes of the game totally made up for the previous four quarters of stink-bombs. But the thing is, the good teams win, the great teams find a way to win when it seems all is lost. The Cowboys won this game on the field, but the ‘hawks won the game on the scoreboard. It sure seems like they’re for real this year.
No Sunday Night Football due to the hurricane forcing a resched to Friday night…maybe the World Series will be worth watching.
In other news, the ghost locked the wife out of the house yesterday. She made sure to check the front door was unlocked because she would be coming inside from the front, went out the back door, tried to come inside the front as planned, and found the deadbolt locked. This also explains a couple of weeks ago when she scolded me for not locking two of our three doors before going to bed…but I’m positive that I did. It’s one thing to bang around in the kitchen, but playing with the door locks is not cool.
I thought I had fried my trusty Enermax 365, but after opening it up I saw the fuse had completely blown. I put in a lower-amp fuse just to test, and it started up fine, but I need an 8A 250V…which has turned out to be impossible to find at Radio Shack or Home Depot. And before I found out about the fuse, I had already ordered a Cooler Master 430W PSU on sale for $29 shipped…a good deal, and it’s forward-compatible with newer systems that have 775 sockets and SATA, but it’s overkill for my secondary machine. Ah well, it’ll be good to have a spare PSU, I suppose.
The MCE machine is currently recording the Prison Break marathon, which I haven’t seen yet. It’s so nice not having to swap out and stack tapes, much less monitor recordings. I just wish the picture was more vibrant in color, it looks kinda dull.

We’ve got a ghost!

Posted: October 7, 2005 in Uncategorized
I was down in the lower level last night, turning off the electronics, and I just barely glimpsed her walking into the kitchen at the top of the stairs, she was about 10 feet away from me. The lights on the main level were off, so it was easy to see her…she was dressed in white. For just a second, I thought the wife had come down from the bedroom to get some water, cuz she often will wear a white t-shirt to bed…but it was very transparent, the movement was too fast, no sound of footsteps, and the "clothes" were flowing like what you would see a ghost wear in a cheezy ghost movie. I peeked into the kitchen just to be sure it was empty.
So I tell the wife about it, and she kinda freaks. This basically explains some things around here, like minor wood damage to her jewelry box and a few other things…especially the front door, which Jackie painted very dark, almost black, a few years ago (Jackie was the previous owner). There’s quite a few dings/paint chips in the door in places where nobody would knock, and the door is basically protected from the elements. We were going to sand and repaint it this summer, but didn’t get around to it.
Jackie called early this morning, and when informed of my "vision" last night, she sez, "Oh, so you got to see her!" Of course, the wife replies, "Don’t you think this is the kind of thing you should have disclosed when selling us YOUR HOUSE???" Actually, Jackie told us about the ghost a few years ago, but we forgot. Apparently a mid-30’s Vietnamese woman, who’s family owned the house previous to Jackie, died here. She usually stays in the attic space above the living room, sometimes above the master bedroom. At times when Jackie had some problems with her, like the kitchen cabinets banging around at 2AM, she said she just talked to her, would say it’s her house now, and the noises and other problems would essentially stop…for awhile, anyway. There have been numerous times that I’m at home alone in the lower level working on the computer, and would hear movement directly above me in the master bedroom, so this explains it (I always checked just in case it was an intruder). Jackie didn’t sense or hear the ghost during the last few months she lived here, and thought the ghost had crossed over. But Jackie told us our ghost will still start acting up when there is home remodeling happening, which explains her quick trip into the kitchen…the wife is painting the cabinets. Didn’t hear the cabinet doors banging around last night, so hopefully she approves of the color. But she definitely doesn’t like the color of our front door.
We had a ghost in our old house, too, where we lived for 10 years. But my dog Maggie was the only one who ever sensed it, and we never had a problem with that ghost. The ghost that lived in my closet of one of the houses I lived in back in college liked to give Maggie shit, and she would just start barking like crazy at him, so I just had to get used to closing the closet door after every time I used it.
Jackie also said not to be surprised if her mom shows up occassionally, either. Turns out this was the last place her mom was at just before she died, and Jackie has seen her a couple of times, too. I don’t mind at all if it’s Jackie’s mom, I love her to death (no pun intended) and wouldn’t mind seeing her again. But there’s something a little creepy about living with someone I don’t know who’s gonna bitch every time we make changes around the house.

Amazing idiocy

Posted: October 6, 2005 in Uncategorized
Very good friends of ours just ended litigation this week with an insane person…let’s call her "Jamie"…who essentially wanted to take everything they had done for the company, including third-party website and database development and code, and claim it as her own…plus take all the money, including our friend’s commissions, and stick them with lawyer fees to boot.
It’s a long story, and there’s a ton of very humorous facts (and their case was even lightly reviewed in a lawyer’s podcast a few months ago), but the final litigation with a former state supreme judge (who refered to the insane person…let’s call her "Jamie" again…as a "real piece of work") came down to one possible deal-breaker: our friend was still using the company’s "internal communication tool", and they had to get off of it!
When first confronted about this, our friends were totally confused…they hadn’t done anything for months that concerned the company, much less using the "internal communications tool". And the insane person…that’s right, we’re still calling her "Jamie"…was hopping mad about it, and demanded our friends stop using it and get off of it. After some confusing descriptions of their heinous transgressions, it finally dawned on them.
Jamie (yes, the insane person) was referring to our friend’s Yahoo IM account.
They tried to explain to the judge, "Right-click, delete" to remove them from the insane person’s buddy list, but Jamie kept insisting that our friends DELETE their Yahoo accounts (could that even be done?) and plus, sign a contract that they will never use the accounts again. And according to our friends, Jamie (ok, I’m tired of the insane references now) is now having all travel agents that are leaving her company to sign away their personal Yahoo Messenger accounts as well.
Makes ya wonder what kind of lawyer fees Jamie will incur when Yahoo sends her a certified letter…
It’s probably off-topic, but check out this almost public website of one of the newest and best travel agencies to book with for Disney vacations. The owner is a premier Disney expert, whom we have marveled over ourselves when we vacationed with her in both Florida and California. You can’t get a better deal booking yourself, and you don’t know the secrets and tricks that she knows for the best possible experience.

Paris is single again!

Posted: October 1, 2005 in Uncategorized
Paris dumped Paris. Or was it the other way around? We’ll probably never be sure, but Paris Hilton has announced she ain’t getting hitched to Paris Whatzizface. She doesn’t disappoint with her latest dumb-blond statement regarding her canceled lifetime commitment…
"I hope people will respect my privacy during this emotional time."
I can’t stop laughing!! "Privacy!!!" Hahahahahahahaaaaa!!!! This is coming from some third-grade-silver-spoon graduate who had her privacy sold on the ‘net by an ex-boyfriend, then intentionally whored her privacy on network television!!! Plus, we have to consider she used the word "respect". OMG, my stomach hurts! Can she even pronounce that word without help from Mr. Rogers? And please, the most emotionally traumatic time she has ever had deciding to replace that hairless, nuerotic rat-bag of a dog with another equally fugly pooch that also had its brains bred out of it! But a half-pound lighter in weight!
Ah,well. She still has a more eventful life than I. Spent my workday moving into my new office…been walking the halls since ’95, and I’ve finally got a window office. People kept coming by as I was running and tying up cables, saying "congrats!" Congrats? OK, now it sounds like I’m an old-timer who should start considering retiring from the company. Entertained a few MVPs who stopped by the campus this week for about an hour, but I’m pretty sure my idea of "entertain" was perceived more as "punch-drunk doofus". Oh well, they’re happy The Scrolling Bug is finally fixed. Nicole and Leah were the real favorites, they had the most commanding presence and most-interesting information and answers (sorry Raja, you just don’t have the same chatzpah anymore…)