Paris is single again!

Posted: October 1, 2005 in Uncategorized
Paris dumped Paris. Or was it the other way around? We’ll probably never be sure, but Paris Hilton has announced she ain’t getting hitched to Paris Whatzizface. She doesn’t disappoint with her latest dumb-blond statement regarding her canceled lifetime commitment…
"I hope people will respect my privacy during this emotional time."
I can’t stop laughing!! "Privacy!!!" Hahahahahahahaaaaa!!!! This is coming from some third-grade-silver-spoon graduate who had her privacy sold on the ‘net by an ex-boyfriend, then intentionally whored her privacy on network television!!! Plus, we have to consider she used the word "respect". OMG, my stomach hurts! Can she even pronounce that word without help from Mr. Rogers? And please, the most emotionally traumatic time she has ever had deciding to replace that hairless, nuerotic rat-bag of a dog with another equally fugly pooch that also had its brains bred out of it! But a half-pound lighter in weight!
Ah,well. She still has a more eventful life than I. Spent my workday moving into my new office…been walking the halls since ’95, and I’ve finally got a window office. People kept coming by as I was running and tying up cables, saying "congrats!" Congrats? OK, now it sounds like I’m an old-timer who should start considering retiring from the company. Entertained a few MVPs who stopped by the campus this week for about an hour, but I’m pretty sure my idea of "entertain" was perceived more as "punch-drunk doofus". Oh well, they’re happy The Scrolling Bug is finally fixed. Nicole and Leah were the real favorites, they had the most commanding presence and most-interesting information and answers (sorry Raja, you just don’t have the same chatzpah anymore…)

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