Amazing idiocy

Posted: October 6, 2005 in Uncategorized
Very good friends of ours just ended litigation this week with an insane person…let’s call her "Jamie"…who essentially wanted to take everything they had done for the company, including third-party website and database development and code, and claim it as her own…plus take all the money, including our friend’s commissions, and stick them with lawyer fees to boot.
It’s a long story, and there’s a ton of very humorous facts (and their case was even lightly reviewed in a lawyer’s podcast a few months ago), but the final litigation with a former state supreme judge (who refered to the insane person…let’s call her "Jamie" again…as a "real piece of work") came down to one possible deal-breaker: our friend was still using the company’s "internal communication tool", and they had to get off of it!
When first confronted about this, our friends were totally confused…they hadn’t done anything for months that concerned the company, much less using the "internal communications tool". And the insane person…that’s right, we’re still calling her "Jamie"…was hopping mad about it, and demanded our friends stop using it and get off of it. After some confusing descriptions of their heinous transgressions, it finally dawned on them.
Jamie (yes, the insane person) was referring to our friend’s Yahoo IM account.
They tried to explain to the judge, "Right-click, delete" to remove them from the insane person’s buddy list, but Jamie kept insisting that our friends DELETE their Yahoo accounts (could that even be done?) and plus, sign a contract that they will never use the accounts again. And according to our friends, Jamie (ok, I’m tired of the insane references now) is now having all travel agents that are leaving her company to sign away their personal Yahoo Messenger accounts as well.
Makes ya wonder what kind of lawyer fees Jamie will incur when Yahoo sends her a certified letter…
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