We’ve got a ghost!

Posted: October 7, 2005 in Uncategorized
I was down in the lower level last night, turning off the electronics, and I just barely glimpsed her walking into the kitchen at the top of the stairs, she was about 10 feet away from me. The lights on the main level were off, so it was easy to see her…she was dressed in white. For just a second, I thought the wife had come down from the bedroom to get some water, cuz she often will wear a white t-shirt to bed…but it was very transparent, the movement was too fast, no sound of footsteps, and the "clothes" were flowing like what you would see a ghost wear in a cheezy ghost movie. I peeked into the kitchen just to be sure it was empty.
So I tell the wife about it, and she kinda freaks. This basically explains some things around here, like minor wood damage to her jewelry box and a few other things…especially the front door, which Jackie painted very dark, almost black, a few years ago (Jackie was the previous owner). There’s quite a few dings/paint chips in the door in places where nobody would knock, and the door is basically protected from the elements. We were going to sand and repaint it this summer, but didn’t get around to it.
Jackie called early this morning, and when informed of my "vision" last night, she sez, "Oh, so you got to see her!" Of course, the wife replies, "Don’t you think this is the kind of thing you should have disclosed when selling us YOUR HOUSE???" Actually, Jackie told us about the ghost a few years ago, but we forgot. Apparently a mid-30’s Vietnamese woman, who’s family owned the house previous to Jackie, died here. She usually stays in the attic space above the living room, sometimes above the master bedroom. At times when Jackie had some problems with her, like the kitchen cabinets banging around at 2AM, she said she just talked to her, would say it’s her house now, and the noises and other problems would essentially stop…for awhile, anyway. There have been numerous times that I’m at home alone in the lower level working on the computer, and would hear movement directly above me in the master bedroom, so this explains it (I always checked just in case it was an intruder). Jackie didn’t sense or hear the ghost during the last few months she lived here, and thought the ghost had crossed over. But Jackie told us our ghost will still start acting up when there is home remodeling happening, which explains her quick trip into the kitchen…the wife is painting the cabinets. Didn’t hear the cabinet doors banging around last night, so hopefully she approves of the color. But she definitely doesn’t like the color of our front door.
We had a ghost in our old house, too, where we lived for 10 years. But my dog Maggie was the only one who ever sensed it, and we never had a problem with that ghost. The ghost that lived in my closet of one of the houses I lived in back in college liked to give Maggie shit, and she would just start barking like crazy at him, so I just had to get used to closing the closet door after every time I used it.
Jackie also said not to be surprised if her mom shows up occassionally, either. Turns out this was the last place her mom was at just before she died, and Jackie has seen her a couple of times, too. I don’t mind at all if it’s Jackie’s mom, I love her to death (no pun intended) and wouldn’t mind seeing her again. But there’s something a little creepy about living with someone I don’t know who’s gonna bitch every time we make changes around the house.

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