Are ‘hawks for real?

Posted: October 23, 2005 in Uncategorized
There were a few spectacular sideline catches, but otherwise the Seahawks offense just couldn’t do anything all day. Parcells knew the key was to stop Alexander, which the Cowboys did with awesome effectiveness. Hasselbeck gets called for intentional grounding at least twice, and most of his throws were just awful. But unlike previous seasons, the defense absolutely refused to give up…whether it was holding the line, sacking or rushing Bledsoe over and over, etc, the defense was the sole reason we stayed in the game, and won the game. We got lucky on a long pass interference call during our only touchdown drive, but the Cowboys started with excellent field position to finish up the last minute of the game… Babineux turns around just in time to see a ball heading straight for him, catches it like a receiver, bolts down the line, gets us within field goal range and very smartly steps out of bounds with five seconds left so our kicking team can go for a 50-yard attempt. The guys were all celebrating as if they had won a playoff game.
The last two minutes of the game totally made up for the previous four quarters of stink-bombs. But the thing is, the good teams win, the great teams find a way to win when it seems all is lost. The Cowboys won this game on the field, but the ‘hawks won the game on the scoreboard. It sure seems like they’re for real this year.
No Sunday Night Football due to the hurricane forcing a resched to Friday night…maybe the World Series will be worth watching.
In other news, the ghost locked the wife out of the house yesterday. She made sure to check the front door was unlocked because she would be coming inside from the front, went out the back door, tried to come inside the front as planned, and found the deadbolt locked. This also explains a couple of weeks ago when she scolded me for not locking two of our three doors before going to bed…but I’m positive that I did. It’s one thing to bang around in the kitchen, but playing with the door locks is not cool.
I thought I had fried my trusty Enermax 365, but after opening it up I saw the fuse had completely blown. I put in a lower-amp fuse just to test, and it started up fine, but I need an 8A 250V…which has turned out to be impossible to find at Radio Shack or Home Depot. And before I found out about the fuse, I had already ordered a Cooler Master 430W PSU on sale for $29 shipped…a good deal, and it’s forward-compatible with newer systems that have 775 sockets and SATA, but it’s overkill for my secondary machine. Ah well, it’ll be good to have a spare PSU, I suppose.
The MCE machine is currently recording the Prison Break marathon, which I haven’t seen yet. It’s so nice not having to swap out and stack tapes, much less monitor recordings. I just wish the picture was more vibrant in color, it looks kinda dull.
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