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Posted: October 28, 2005 in Uncategorized
Lt. Sulu of Star Trek is gay. I always considered him the "Bruce Lee" character of the series, and figured he was the one person who could beat Captain Kirk and his "double-fisted arm-swing blow". I don’t care about his sexual orientation, but I must admit a childhood sub-conscious suspicion. Star Trek purists will probably rail me cuz I don’t refer to him as "Capt Sulu", but I still have a hard time referring to Scotty as "captain" too, so cut me a little slack.
The new president of Iran stands by his statement that Israel should be wiped from the map. And he dismisses criticism by almost every other UN country that sez he’s a maniac for saying something as obvious as genocide. Bets are on how long his country is still a UN member. Heck, considering his personal past with the US and the hostages, bets are on how long he continues breathing.
Dumb bitch buys winning 1 million dollar lottery ticket with credit card she stole from her dead mother, film at 11.
Microsoft is publicly threatening to abandon South Korea as a consumer market for Windows. Somebody told me he heard SteveB mumble, "fuck ’em".
It will be the greatest day in Palouse history if WSU beats USC on Saturday. Bigger than any Apple Cup. The game is prime television tomorrow. Will the Cougars win? They have a really good team this year, but probably not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die-hard coug, but I’m gonna watch just out of morbid curiosity…and of course a good reason for having a lunchtime beer. But hey, there’s always a statistical chance the Trojans may fail! (que parents fainting).
‘hawks on a bye week. Get 100% healthy guys, come back ready to kick some. Prayers on yer ass, Hammer.
My trusty (and expensive) Enermax power supply is working again, and all it took was replacing the fuse. It was an 8A 250V, which couldn’t be found at your average 7-11, but I finally got one at VetCo Surplus. Just $2 saved me a $65 PSU, YaY!
The freak previously known as Michael Jackson might be making Bahrain his permanent home and selling Neverland. If Peter Pan had ever grown up…and died…he’d be rolling in his grave right now. Wonder why he doesn’t want to hang around our country anymore…? BTW, li’l sis Janet claims she ain’t the momma of some 18-year-old secret child, but we don’t care cuz there are videos circulating around the ‘net of her running around neked. Forget her age, YUM!
Our ghost has been suspiciously quiet lately. She obviously doesn’t like the fact that I blog about her.
My mom had surgery for a hernia this morning. Turned out to be worse than they thought, and required more work. I talked to her about an hour or two after she came up, and she said there was no pain medication ready for her…and that they told her somebody in her family needed to go to the pharmacy to get her pain killers! She told me she was literally crying in pain, and being ignored. OK, she might be woozy from the anesthetics, and not thinking clearly, I understand that, so I called the hospital in Texas and VERY politely started inquiring what the **** was going on. I was sweet as sugar, and didn’t use any asterisks. My mom calls me around midnight her time and asks me if I called somebody at the hospital, cuz those mofos were suddenly falling all over each other trying to please her and make her comfortable! And just an hour earlier, she couldn’t get a single person to pay attention to her! Yay, I’m her favorite child again…
Wife just asked, "whatcha doing?" OK, been detached too long, other non-interesting comments I was going to make are not as important or interesting enough to keep me from hugging my wife and getting off this keyboard. G’nite.
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