What’s up with TV?

Posted: October 29, 2005 in Uncategorized
I’m watching Star Trek: Enterprise on UPN. According to TVGuide.com, it’s supposed to run from 6PM to 7PM. Stargate: Atlantis is also on from 6-7 on channel 13. Plenty of other channels also showing 6-7 programming.
But my phone, my desktop atomic clock, all my clocks throughout the house and Windows sez it’s 7:30PM right now. What the hell is going on? Is anything I’m going to record tonight on my MCE machine going to get missed?
Cougs absolutely got trounced today. Embarrassed. Wiped out. Totally nuked. It’s probably not them, it’s probably because the BCS computers put the best team in the NCAA at #2 this week. The Trojans can’t beat the shit out of a computer, so they obviously took out their frustrations on WSU instead. Ah, well…

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