My office is clean!

Posted: November 7, 2005 in Uncategorized
And organized! Jerks at Facilities refuse to install a rail in my office, so my hanging shelves were sitting on my floor for the past month. I sat one of the hanging shelves on my desk and got rid of the other. Had to store away some things in boxes and do some creative interior design, but everything fits and looks good, and the pillar in the corner that juts out actually turned out to be of a benefit. Lost most of my day Saturday doing it, but I can’t do it during the week, so…
Seahawks game had a few moments where I thought they might give Arizona an opportunity, but Alexander’s 88-yard touchdown to start the second half took a lot of steam out of those guys…if it weren’t for that run, he’d only have another ho-hum 100-yard game 😉 Warner racked up a lot of yards, but he had to throw a lot..a lot more than Hasselbeck…and ended up throwing three interceptions. Normally the ‘hawks blow their first game after a bye week, but losing to the Cardinals would have really sucked.
Of course, gotta talk about M.E. Oh sorry, I meant T.O. That guy is the most entertaining train wreck in the NFL. He agrees with an interviewer that the Eagles would probably be undefeated if Favre was their quarterback…hey T.O. have you seen the win-loss column for Favre’s current team yet? He also calls Favre a warrior cuz he’ll play thru injury…hey T.O. didja know your own QB is playing thru several mild maladies, such as a hernia? He bitches cuz his 100th touchdown was celebrated by the org, and he sez they have no class. What’s he up to? Here’s my guess: he knows they aren’t dominating their division, and possibly won’t make the play-offs. Of course, T.O. needs to be in perfect health, and you don’t wanna jeopardize that health for a losing team…especially if you want a decent payday with your next favorite team that you’ll be signing with in the off-season. That’s right: he wants to get the same deal Keyshawn Johnson got from the Bucs. Pay not to play? How easy is that? The problem here is that Keyshawn wasn’t as poisonous as T.O., and wasn’t nasty enough to get suspended…so they just told him to go home with pay. Because T.O. got a suspension, he won’t get paid…and they can keep NOT paying him for three more games. Then they pick up the tab for the last couple of games, and say buh-bye. So T.O. will be a lot more poor than he hoped to be going into negotiations for his "new" team. And also consider that we haven’t heard a peep from Keyshawn lately…that’s cuz when you play for the Cowboys, you don’t piss off the Tuna. If T.O. gets a coach with balls, he’ll find much of every season being told he’s on suspension without pay.
  1. Unknown says:

    "That guy is the most entertaining train wreck in the NFL."ROFLMAO!That is the most to-the-point explanation of this whole fiasco I\’ve read so far!LOL!:)

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