First Ralph, now Jesse…idiots

Posted: November 13, 2005 in Uncategorized
Ralph Nader sent a letter to the NFL commissioner and Eagles CEO earlier this week insisting the Eagles either put T.O. back on the field, or release him immediately. Now that blowhard Jesse Jackson is making even more noise about it.
Both of these guys think T.O. was suspended only because of what he said on TV. Both are insisting T.O. was excercising freedom of speech, and that his coments shouldn’t have led to his suspension.
Translation: forget about him popping off to the offensive coordinator. Forget about him getting into the head coach’s face. Forget about him being involved in locker room brawls. Forget about him walking away when he was supposed to participate in fan relations. Of course, also forget about all the other nasty things he has said in the past about the team, organization and quarterback…of BOTH teams he played for. Forget about the statement released by the Eagles that the suspension came due to the accumulation of everything T.O. has done, not just that one interview. Sheesh…
As usual, Jesse has less of a grasp on the situation than Ralph. Quote: "This does not warrant a one-year ban from the game."  First, it’s not for a year Jesse, it’s just a half-season. Second, it’s not a ban, T.O. is getting paid for the final five games…a ban must come from the NFL commissioner’s office, not the team, and the player banned doesn’t make a dime for remaining games on the schedule. Quote: "His future in the National Football League is uncertain, thus potentially ending his career at its heights."  Every football player’s future is uncertain…primarily cuz NFL teams aren’t required to honor contracts. But I digress, his career is far from over…there are at least a few idiots who own football teams who would love to sign him during the off-season as a free agent, so stop being so pissy about it.

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