The RedWest 360

Posted: November 23, 2005 in Uncategorized
Fall is the most beautiful time at RedWest, and I always mean to take some pics with my camera but am always in too much of a hurry. This year has been mostly the standard-gray Seattle skies, so I haven’t been "inspired" to take pics. But the XBox dudes dropped some neon-green dye into the pool to announce the release of the 360, and it’s quite a sight…plus, the sun was just right for the day, so I took some shots.
The great State of Texas…of which I was borne…has filed suit against Sony for the infamous Rootkit spyware. Just 49 states to go…
The Sober worm is back, and with great ferocity, so beware of your email inbox…again. <Heavy sigh>. The email looks like it came from the FBI, or is a promise of new Paris Hilton photos, or is about the FBI investigating new photos of Paris Hilton…whatever.

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