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Free music! YaY!

Posted: December 29, 2005 in Uncategorized
Sony BMG is giving music away to "make amends" for the rootkit fiasco.
Hey, morons…we can get free music ANYWHERE.
Let’s sum up: Sony/BMG secretly installs different types of spyware on millions of computers for years, which is a deplorable practice and heinous crime in itself. Then the uninstall of said spyware leaves those millions of computers vulnerable to internet attack that cannot be corrected without typing format c: /q, which is arguably an even worse crime because those infected computers are the scourge of the Internet (they get cracked, hijacked, serve as spam zombies, etc).
And all Sony has to do is give us free music to say "sorry"…????
The details are laughable: you can get a free replacement of your "infected" compact disc with a same-title CD that doesn’t have the software that screwed you in the first place…but that "clean" CD will NOT correct the damage they did to your computer. Then, they will give you a cash payment of (hold on to your testicles, this is a laugh-riot…) SEVEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS!!! But that’s not all! You can also download a low-fi version of any individual album you want! And you have a massive 200 (two hundred) titles to choose from!
And here’s the best part! You still don’t know for sure which Sony albums infected your machine, cuz Sony won’t release a comprehensive list of albums that will install the different spywares! So you have no frickin’ idea how many "free replacements" you are entitled to, and you won’t get the whopping $7 credit, and you won’t get the free low-fi downloads!
</end sarcasm>

Outsourcing sucks

Posted: December 28, 2005 in Uncategorized
In this case, "literally sucks". As in, literally sucking the oxygen out of an air ship traveling at 26K feet. Those outsourced morons who replaced the unionized ground crews ran into the fuselage of a parked MD-80 with one of those massive baggage loaders, and put a dent into the plane…did they leave a note on the windshield for the pilot apologizing for the damage? Did they call their insurance company? Hell, no…they looked around to see if any witnesses saw them do it, and drove off.
That dent caused an explosion, which blew out an 18 inch hole in the plane. In flight. At 26,000 feet.
My sister has been a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines for almost two decades, and she has nothing but complaints about the outsourced help that replaced unionized workers…the biggest complaint is that they can’t load-balance the planes, and flights are regularly delayed while baggage gets properly redistributed for weight requirements…that means you sit wedged between two people who are both too large for coach seats, but too cheap to buy a second seat or go first class, and you’re sweating for a couple of additional hours just for a 45 minute SeaTac-Portland flight. The second biggest complaint is that the cabin is always filthy…the outsourced morons don’t properly clean the planes! And you probably thought all that dirt and dust was a result of the air filters needing to be changed.
Of course, Alaska Air has repeatedly finished dead last for "on-time" arrivals and departures for months now. And their QA is repeatedly questioned by the FAA. Oh, how far they have fallen from being rated the best to being rated the worst…and in record time, too.
Outsourced workers have no pride because they aren’t employees, so they have no incentive to do the best job possible. They certainly don’t know how to do the job as well as you.  But they’ll do the job for less money than what you get paid, so your boss is perfectly happy to give you your final paycheck.
Many jobs have been lost due to outsourcing. In this case, lives were almost lost due to outsourcing.

Kinda sore right now

Posted: December 22, 2005 in Uncategorized
Snowboarding at Stevens yesterday, and conditions were brutal. Mostly like boarding on ice. Too many idiots up there without helmets, too…we saw a few casualties being escorted down. My first fall was not intentional, and I hit hard…think I bruised a bone in my ass. Neck muscles are tight, other muscles sore…I’m so out of shape. The new truck was a pleasure to drive up and back, tho.
All Xmas shopping and wrapping DONE! Thanks to my lovely wife who wrapped a couple of presents last night that I bought for people. Tonight is Xmas at my sister’s, should be fun.
Seahawks are almost a lock to beat the Colts on Xmas Eve (yes, I’ll be watching…). Because the Colts lost last week, they have no Dolphin-beating record to go for, so the starters are likely gonna play only the first half (I’m betting most don’t play after the first quarter). The ‘hawks still need one win for home-field advantage for the play-offs, so our starters probably won’t sit until there is a significant lead.

I’m such a slug…

Posted: December 17, 2005 in Uncategorized
Been on vacation for a week now, and essentially accomplished less than half of what I wanted to by now. Whereas a vacation is SUPPOSED to be a whole lot of doing nothing, I’m doing just a wee bit too much nothing. Saw DM tonight at the Holiday Par-tay, and he’s been enjoying not working very much…and looks genuinely happy. And he’s been traveling, with a cross-county driveabout coming next. I was just a little jealous.
Speaking of the party, most of the gents dressed well enough (or better) to be introduced to a lady’s parents. And the ladies brought their A-game…all were stunning. Everybody seemed to be having fun.
D-Jack is back this week…not that the Seahawk’s offense sorely missed him (sic), but hey…a great weapon is finally taking back the field, and the defense coordinators for other teams are probably scratching their heads trying to come up with ways to stop one of the best offensive teams in the NFL today…even before Jackson was re-activated.
Which got me thinking: Jackson is "D-Jack", Alex Rodriguez is "A-Rod", etc. etc. What would be my nickname if I were a popular sports figure…?
Laugh it up, fuzz-ball…

My new twuck

Posted: December 9, 2005 in Uncategorized
16 years ago, I wanted a Toyota. But for 1K less, I would get a much more powerful Nissan, and also get additional stuff like 5-speed, cloth seats, carpeting, more towing capacity (which I never used) and more payload in the bed. That truck still runs perfect, and starts without depressing the gas pedal after four days of sitting in freezing temps (recently tested after Thanksgiving!). However, it was time to finally get a new truck.
This year, the Toyota was still a bit more expensive, but after looking at numerous trucks (including the recently-newly designed Nissan Frontier), I just couldn’t resist spending the extra cash. The Toyota has one of the more comfortable and roomy back seats for pickups, a fantastic rail system in the bed, electrical outlet in the bed, damn gorgeous to the human eye, etc.
I’ve had it for three days now. I’m still being extremely careful handling it, but there have been moments I’ve opened her up to let her scream down a long stretch of road. She rides a bit rough because I went with the "Offroad Package", which has heavy-duty shocks, etc. But she’s DAMN quiet: with all the windows rolled up I can hear people whispering in the back seat. The only negative so far: the included "$200" six-CD changer, six-speaker (actually four speaker + two tweeters) sound system totally sucks eggs. It’s not worth $200 IMHO, and I’ve spent more than that on a single speaker. So I’m having Magnolia Hi-Fi rip the system that’s in my current truck to install in my Taco. It’s an Alpine MP3 head unit that I bought just 10 months ago, an Alpine 4×30 RMS amp, and a pair of MB Quart RSB-160 speakers. I’ll probably put the Quarts into the rear doors, and get a pair of Bostons for the front doors. Gotta get an alarm system, too.
Gotta get back to cleaning the garage…gotta have some place to park this beast…

MNF 2nd Half: Zzzzzzzz

Posted: December 6, 2005 in Uncategorized
Actually, the 1st play was great, but the rest of the second half was a snoozer. The first half was more than anyone expected, with the Seahawk defense literally keeping our offense off the field. As a result, offensive numbers between the two teams at halftime were almost identical, except the score was 35-0. Um…wow. We were literally hoping for a 60 or 70 point game, but many of the primary starters were benched in the third quarter. The stadium was all but empty by the beginning of the 4th quarter, except for the smattering of Seahawks fans in attendence, and some fat, drunk, shirtless guy shaking his money maker. Why don’t the cameras ever focus on the skinny, drunk, shirtless babes at football games? Ah, well…
The best part: ‘hawks are still getting a total lack of respect by some of the sports writers, and the MNF game is hardly more than a buried link on many news websites like CNN and MSNBC. I agree that the ‘hawks have had a relatively easy schedule this year (although it didn’t look that way at the beginning). And many "experts" picked the Rams to win the division, or the Cardinals as their "dark horse" pick for the year…nobody thought these teams would tank. But c’mon…the offense has been mostly consistent and highly ranked all year, Alexander is explosive, the "dropped ball" syndrome is soooo last year, and the defense makes the stops when they really count. But we still ain’t gettin’ no love.
The Saddam Hussein trial is looking quite entertaining so far. Yesterday he said he wasn’t afraid of being executed…ok, fine, how about instead he goes to one of his own prisons? Would he be afraid then? Today he told the court, "Go to hell!", tho’ it seems the exact translation is messed up cuz the text of the quote keeps changing…there are some quotes saying he said some additional words after that, one guess being "…you agents of America!" I’d like to offer my own guess at the translation: "Go to hell, I’ll meet up with you later and give you a personal tour of the place."
After almost 16 years of driving the same old 1990 Nissan pickup, I’m getting a new vehicle. Need to pick it up tonight. Will post pics soon…