MNF 2nd Half: Zzzzzzzz

Posted: December 6, 2005 in Uncategorized
Actually, the 1st play was great, but the rest of the second half was a snoozer. The first half was more than anyone expected, with the Seahawk defense literally keeping our offense off the field. As a result, offensive numbers between the two teams at halftime were almost identical, except the score was 35-0. Um…wow. We were literally hoping for a 60 or 70 point game, but many of the primary starters were benched in the third quarter. The stadium was all but empty by the beginning of the 4th quarter, except for the smattering of Seahawks fans in attendence, and some fat, drunk, shirtless guy shaking his money maker. Why don’t the cameras ever focus on the skinny, drunk, shirtless babes at football games? Ah, well…
The best part: ‘hawks are still getting a total lack of respect by some of the sports writers, and the MNF game is hardly more than a buried link on many news websites like CNN and MSNBC. I agree that the ‘hawks have had a relatively easy schedule this year (although it didn’t look that way at the beginning). And many "experts" picked the Rams to win the division, or the Cardinals as their "dark horse" pick for the year…nobody thought these teams would tank. But c’mon…the offense has been mostly consistent and highly ranked all year, Alexander is explosive, the "dropped ball" syndrome is soooo last year, and the defense makes the stops when they really count. But we still ain’t gettin’ no love.
The Saddam Hussein trial is looking quite entertaining so far. Yesterday he said he wasn’t afraid of being executed…ok, fine, how about instead he goes to one of his own prisons? Would he be afraid then? Today he told the court, "Go to hell!", tho’ it seems the exact translation is messed up cuz the text of the quote keeps changing…there are some quotes saying he said some additional words after that, one guess being "…you agents of America!" I’d like to offer my own guess at the translation: "Go to hell, I’ll meet up with you later and give you a personal tour of the place."
After almost 16 years of driving the same old 1990 Nissan pickup, I’m getting a new vehicle. Need to pick it up tonight. Will post pics soon…

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