My new twuck

Posted: December 9, 2005 in Uncategorized
16 years ago, I wanted a Toyota. But for 1K less, I would get a much more powerful Nissan, and also get additional stuff like 5-speed, cloth seats, carpeting, more towing capacity (which I never used) and more payload in the bed. That truck still runs perfect, and starts without depressing the gas pedal after four days of sitting in freezing temps (recently tested after Thanksgiving!). However, it was time to finally get a new truck.
This year, the Toyota was still a bit more expensive, but after looking at numerous trucks (including the recently-newly designed Nissan Frontier), I just couldn’t resist spending the extra cash. The Toyota has one of the more comfortable and roomy back seats for pickups, a fantastic rail system in the bed, electrical outlet in the bed, damn gorgeous to the human eye, etc.
I’ve had it for three days now. I’m still being extremely careful handling it, but there have been moments I’ve opened her up to let her scream down a long stretch of road. She rides a bit rough because I went with the "Offroad Package", which has heavy-duty shocks, etc. But she’s DAMN quiet: with all the windows rolled up I can hear people whispering in the back seat. The only negative so far: the included "$200" six-CD changer, six-speaker (actually four speaker + two tweeters) sound system totally sucks eggs. It’s not worth $200 IMHO, and I’ve spent more than that on a single speaker. So I’m having Magnolia Hi-Fi rip the system that’s in my current truck to install in my Taco. It’s an Alpine MP3 head unit that I bought just 10 months ago, an Alpine 4×30 RMS amp, and a pair of MB Quart RSB-160 speakers. I’ll probably put the Quarts into the rear doors, and get a pair of Bostons for the front doors. Gotta get an alarm system, too.
Gotta get back to cleaning the garage…gotta have some place to park this beast…

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